The great plush invasion continues!

Incredibly charming and for the first time also in a standing version with a size of 14cm, the four new characters of the GLUBSCHIS Charming Edition present themselves. They include the adorable pony Miss Cinnamon, who enchants small and large horse lovers with her big blue glittery eyes. 

The reindeer Chocolate Mousse delights with his chocolate-brown plush fur and golden antlers. As the name suggests, it is super sweet and provides joy and warmth with its adorable appearance. 

Donkey Donki, on the other hand, appears smart and friendly and nestles into every heart with his green glittery eyes.

The Charming Edition is rounded off with the unicorn Lilaluna. The magical creature with the purple mane invites you to cuddle and love her. 


The GLUBSCHIS Charming Edition will be available from July 2023 in well-stocked toy and gift stores, online, in department stores, consumer and drug stores as well as in NICI stores.