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Operating manuals

Did you lose the operating manual for one of your NICI Electronics products? No problem: Download the PDF-version here. The manual you are looking for is not listed here? Write us an e-mail and we will send the PDF right over to you. 


The Singing Panda is the highlight for every children's party (2022)

The latest creation from NICI GmbH in the functional plush range is a perfect gift for little dancing mice: the enchanting Singing Panda by NICI delights young and old as an animated plush bear with two different play modes. You can download the instructions for use as a PDF here.


Unicorns Theodor and Cloud Dreamer and llama with LEDs and password-protected Bluetooth-speaker (2018 edition)

The pink cuddly toy llama and the two unicorns have colourful LEDs and a Bluetooth-speaker with password-protection in their bodies. Find the operating manual here.


Unicorns Theodor and Rainbow Flair with LEDs and Bluetooth-speaker (2017 edition)

The NICI unicorns Theodor and Rainbow Flair are cuddly toys and electronic playmates in one! Colourful LEDs and a Bluetooth-speaker make the plush toys funny companions for unicorn-fans. Klick here for the instruction manual.


Alarm clock rooster Good Morning Buddy

Rooster Good Morning Buddy from NICI is cuddly toy and alarm clock. Let him wake you up with the typical cock-a-doodle-doo or with a song or phrase you recorded before going to bed. Good Morning Buddy makes getting up in the morning easy. Klick here for the manual.


Speaking monsters Crazy Mics

The Crazy Mics live on Mic Island, but they love to travel the world and adapt to the language of each country easily. No matter which language you speak, the Crazy Mics can instantly repeat everything you say to them. They even remember longer messages and repeat them whenever you want them to. They are extremely ticklish, too. Touch their bellies and they start to laugh. Find the PDF of the operating manual here.


Sweet Baby Cat

Cute NICI Sweet Baby Cat has 10 abilities and brings along 5 accessories. It wants to be taken care of and loved. Download the PDF-manual here.


Alarm clock dog Good Morning Buddy

NICI dog Good Morning Buddy is a cuddly toy alarm clock. Dalmatian, golden retriever, and labrador make getting up easy with the song "Who lets the dogs out". Klick here to download the operating manual.


Oscar the talking learning owl

With Oscar the talking learning owl it is very easy to learn English. The little owl will happily greet you with the words 'Hello, I'm Oscar the smart Owl'. If you provide your Oscar with cards, he will gladly read the cards to you. Click here for the pdf of the instructions.