About NICI

When NICI was founded on 1 June 1986, the founder initially designed and sewed our popular cuddly toys at home in Michelau, Bavaria. She was inspired by real animals and developed the typical NICI style with comic-like influences and a selective choice of materials. Over the years, we have continued to expand our range and are now one of the best-known and most popular plush and gift item manufacturers in the world.

Just like us as a company, our collections and characters have evolved and changed over the years.

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Cosmopolitan in every aspect!

Our designs are still created in Altenkunstadt in Bavaria, these days. Our talented designers invest all their creativity and passion in the development of new and improved NICI characters, every day. Whilst production is now spread all over the world, we attach great importance to personal relationships with our producers and suppliers. This is why we believe that regular, direct contact is particularly important. Our more than 120 employees come from different parts of the globe and enrich NICI with their experience and expertise. They make a significant contribution to our cosmopolitan corporate spirit.