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Magical dreams with the beloved NICI unicorns

The world of the well-known and popular NICI unicorns from the Theodor & Friends collection is expanded by two new unicorn characters and the cloud-soft dream sheep Somna.

With lots of magic and delightful rainbow accents, the new friends not only bring fairytale dreams, but also invite children to play and cuddle. With wonderful gift ideas, plush accessories and practical stationery items, the fluffy friends are taking the hearts of unicorn fans by storm.

Looking for a little magic? Unicorn Moon Keeper is as white as the moon itself and enchants with his glittering forehead horn in rainbow colors and the eye-catching metallic look on his fluffy soft plush body. The mane and tail in a gentle shade of pink, shiny silver ears and a facial expression that couldn't be cuter give this unique plush unicorn a very special touch.
Gray, like the vastness of the galaxy, paired with colorful stardust - that's Unicorn Star Bringer. The magical mythical creature also charms with a shiny rainbow head horn and in colorful metallic style. The mane and tail in a vibrant purple and the adorable facial expression are fabulously beautiful and give Star Bringer a unique aura.
The two characters are available as standing plush unicorns in sizes 13, 22, 32 and 45cm as well as super fluffy keychains and metallic sticky MagNICIs. Beautiful to fall in love with!

Who doesn't count sheep whenever it doesn't work out with falling asleep again? Maybe the cuddly soft sheep Somna will soon be jumping through the clouds in your thoughts and helping you on your journey to the land of dreams! It enchants with white-curly fur made of high-quality NICI plush and her sweet little face, the small, soft wings and the fluffy little ears are adorable. A wonderful sleeping and cuddling friend in sizes 13 and 22cm for every child! And also as a plush keychain sheep Somna is always by the side of her small and large fans.

In addition to the new friends, Theodor, the well-known and popular "original unicorn" of the collection also comes in a new format. He lies as a unique sleeping animal on his small, fluffy favorite cloud and thus quickly becomes part of the evening bedtime ritual.


Unicorn strong gift ideas

In the large selection of Theodor & Friends products everyone will find a suitable gift!
On plush pillow, sparkling purse, pencil case, mug and galactic colorful writing pads Moon Keeper and Star Bringer provide not only the youngest unicorn fans a cuddly joy and "Magical Dreams".

The current Theodor & Friends collection is part of the NICI GREEN product world and will be available from January 2023 in well-assorted gift and toy stores, online, in department stores, consumer and drugstores, as well as in NICI stores throughout Germany.