Magic in the Magical Forest

Mala Magic the fawn is on her way to visit her two friends Coleen Cuddly the squirrel and Fynn Fluffy the rabbit, as she does every morning. Lost in thought, she imagines what the trees would look like if they had pink crowns. And suddenly something incredible happens... She brushes one of the trees with her tail and the leaves turn pink. Mala is startled and .... Completely out of breath, she calls out, "Fynn! Coleen! I...I have something to show you! Come quickly!" Confused, Fynn crawls out of his den and Coleen hops down from the tree. "What happened Mala?" asks Coleen, while the two friends follow Mala. When they reach the tree, they are amazed. "Wow," Fynn replies, stunned, "How did that happen?" and Mala begins to tell them. "This is amazing!" cries Coleen excitedly, "Finally it's done! Finally YOU are ready!"

Because Mala is not just any fawn. She is the heiress of the Magic Forest. An enchanted place, hidden deep in the heart of the forest, which no human has ever seen before. There, butterflies dance above splendidly blooming flowers, little birds cheerfully chirp their songs, the ground is covered with lush green moss and ferns, and everywhere mushrooms stretch their colorful hats towards the sky. The way there is long and leads over winding paths. But then, when you no longer expect it, suddenly, miraculously, a sun-drenched pristine clearing opens up. Only those who are pure of heart can get there.

Mala Magic is still too young and inexperienced to master her magic properly. Here, in this wondrous place, from now on, together with her friends Coleen Fynn, she will learn to control and use these magic powers. With each lesson that brings her closer to the magical power, she turns more into the very special deer with iridescent aura.

As a fluffy soft plush toy, Mala Magic, the charming fawn, is available in five different sizes, both standing and lying. Also as a 10cm high keychain or as a 12cm high MagNICI, Mala is a magically beautiful gift idea.

Whether as a keychain, magnetically adhering MagNICI or as a cuddly toy in the sizes 16 and 24cm, - the two cute plush friends squirrel Coleen Cuddly and rabbit Fynn Fluffy are simply loyal souls and love to play, cuddle or comfort.

Relaxing in a different way - with two different plush pillows and the cuddly plush slippers.

With the cute backpack even the youngest get a magical companion for kindergarten, school or small trips. It offers height-adjustable shoulder straps, a large main compartment with water bottle holder and a loop for hanging. The interior has room for the Magical Forest rolling pencil case with pink carrying loop and coloring book set with 60 pages of coloring pages and eight different colored crayons.

Rounding out the Magical Forest assortment is a high-quality, colorful porcelain mug with a content volume of 360ml.

The magical Magical Forest collection by NICI, part of the NICI GREEN product world, consists of more than 20 articles and will be available from September 2023 in well-assorted gift and toy stores, online, in department stores, consumer and drug stores as well as in NICI stores.