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Enchanted moments in the mushroom forest

During a summer walk, Theodor got lost and ended up in the secret mushroom forest. In the meantime, it has become very late and the sun is already setting. It is getting darker and darker and he is a little worried about finding his way out in time. But when the sun has completely set, the whole mushroom forest starts to glow mysteriously. Mushroom trees, plants and even the stones - everything around him seems to come to life. During the impressive play of light, he suddenly looks into curious little eyes. Well camouflaged, the unicorn Midnight Floral had been watching him. The new friend proves to be a saviour in need. On their way back through the glowing mushroom forest, the two meet Glim Jim - the guardian of the forest. When the forest awakens and dresses in its iridescent garb, Glim Jim also awakens and begins to shine in full splendour.

The Midnight Floral unicorn comes in sizes 13cm, 22cm, 32cm and 45cm. The fur in an ombré look with lots of glitter accents makes children's hearts beat faster. Midnight Floral's friend, the cute glowworm Glim Jim has a light green tummy with "glow in the dark" effect and glitter wings. He is 13cm tall and has a little loop on his head. The rectangular cushion has a glow-in-the-dark edge and adds a fairytale atmosphere to the cosy corner or bed. The colourful shaking balls, let colourful glitter particles swirl around when they are shaken. The two friends also come as a key ring & MagNICI. To give free rein to magical ideas, a DIN A6 pad and multiple biros appear. The delightful unicorn line is rounded off with a porcelain mug.

The latest Theodor & Friends collection, consisting of 14 articles, will be available from August 2023 in well-stocked gift and toy retailers, online, in department stores, consumer and drug shops as well as in NICI shops throughout Germany.