DIY: Easter nest

Easter is approaching and the anticipation is growing. We're taking some of the Easter Bunny's workload off and preparing an Easter nest. It's so beautiful that he'll be thrilled and fill it generously for sure!

You will need:

a balloon toilet paper water possibly a spray bottle

  1. Inflate the balloon and tie it off. Tear about 50 sheets of toilet paper individually.

  2. Place the first sheets of paper overlapping on the balloon and moisten them with water. It works best with a pump spray bottle, but a brush will also do. Glue as many sheets of paper to the balloon until about 3-4 sheets are stacked on top of each other.

  3. Let the nest dry for about 24 hours on a smooth surface - move it occasionally so it doesn't stick.

  4. Cut the edge in rough zigzags. If the individual layers come apart, you can shape the zigzags with a little water. In particularly stubborn cases, a little adhesive can also help.

Now the Easter Bunny can come!