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Animals of the forest cuddle in your hearts

It is a sunny day in Franconian Switzerland. The little hedgehog Hetch Hogan is on his way to the river. In this heat he is very thirsty. He is prancing along in a good mood when he hears a crackling noise from the bushes. He rolls up in fright. He hears footsteps, then he is nudged and something cuddly tickles the tip of his nose. Cautiously he opens his eyes. In front of him is a little vixen with thick red fur and a magnificent bushy tail. "What are you?" she asks. Hetch Hogan stands up and straightens his cuddly robe. "Haven't you ever seen a hedgehog before? Who are you anyway?" The vixen replies indignantly, "I am Fridalie, the most beautiful vixen in all Franconia! Have you never heard of me?" The little hedgehog ponders for a moment, but then it comes back to him: "Fridalie!? Yes, of course I have! My friend Oda told me only yesterday about the adventures you've had together and that you often meet up to catch fish. I was just going to visit her! Would you like to come with me?"

At the river, the two are already awaited by Oda. She is lying on a stone, stretching her pale belly in the sun and drying her fluffy curly fur. Since that day, the three unequal friends have been inseparable and do not stop at any adventure. Throughout the forest they are known as the fearless Forest Friends Trio.

From July 2023, the three sweet explorers can also move into your home. In addition to the plush characters in different sizes, there are two cuddly cushions. The plush applications and 3D elements invite you to cuddle and dream. Two high-quality porcelain cups, cheerfully colourful with a lovely rainbow motif, conjure up a good mood early in the morning.

The Forest Friends Edition is available in well-stocked toy and gift shops, on the Internet, in department stores, consumer and drug shops as well as in NICI shops.