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Adventure in winter wonderland

Thure, the little moose, Stas, the penguin and dachshund girl Skida agree. Taking a winter vacation in the mountains would be a fantastic idea. They choose a small dreamy place in the middle of the Alps and soon set off there. Once there, they begin their hike through the white fairytale world. Suddenly, a snowstorm announces itself, but the three friends luckily make it back to their accommodation in time. While night falls and outside the snowstorm rages fiercely around the peaks, the three friends now sit in the hut in front of the fireplace and heavenly baked apple fragrance wafts through the room. Then there is a knock at the door...

Surprised about who is outside in this weather, Stas curiously opens the door. In front of him are two magic snails covered in snow. He immediately invites them in and the two join the merry winter friends. Thure offers them a warming baked apple punch and Soa and Sille begin to tell about their adventure. The friends sit together and laugh all night. Skida watches the round contentedly snuggled up in her blanket - this is exactly how she had imagined this winter excursion!

The Cosy Winter collection comes with 5 new characters. The two snails with their fluffy soft plush body in different shades of pink and blue with exciting glitter elements are available in 17cm, 22cm and 50cm. The pink snail Soa also decorates as a plush keychain school satchel, backpack or keychain.

The fluffy soft Humboldt penguin Stas delights with his thick plush body, little wings, a lifelike color scheme in black, white and gray as well as the orange accents for fins and beak. The little tailcoat is available as a plush friend in five sizes (16 - 60cm), sticks as a MagNICI to all metallic surfaces and accompanies as a keychain in everyday life.

Heavenly soft and cuddly, Moose Thure presents himself with his fluffy, brown plush fur, the cute face and the imposing antlers in shimmering gold look. In keeping with his favorite season, the adorable nature boy wears a colorful scarf around his neck. He is available as a plush lurcher in sizes 22, 27, 37, 50 and 75cm as well as a plush magnetic moose and keychain.

Skida, the dachshund girl made of brown NICI plush wears a decorative pink scarf around her neck in sizes 22 and 27cm. In sizes 38, 54 and 74cm, on the other hand, she is equipped with a removable snowsuit made of plush material with glitter effect.

Complement the friends with matching accessories. The 350ml water holding moose Thure or dachshund Skida hot water bottle, cuddly soft plush pillows as well as a 175 x 140cm plush blanket provide coziness and comfort on cold winter evenings.

With the NICI plush slippers in moose or dachshund look, not only feet but also hearts are warmed. The sole is heat-insulating and has nubs that make the plush slippers non-slip.

On the road accompanies dachshund girl Skida on a plush wallet with metallic shiny 3D snowflake on the front and glittering snowflakes on the back. The purse has two compartments for coins and bills that close with a gold zipper.

Penguin Stas made of cuddly soft plush gives as a multifunctional mobile beanbag any smartphone in portrait or landscape format up to a size of 6.1" an optimal stand. With the help of the bendable penguin wings, the cell phone can be aligned until the desired angle of inclination is reached. The bottom of the beanbag is made of anti-slip material.

Four, in design and size, different plush folders provide order and good mood.

The beautiful shaking balls of the collection are ideal as a gift or small souvenir and provide atmospheric accents. The Schüttelkugeln snail Soa, moose Thure and dachshund Skida inspire with glitter snowflakes that swirl around as soon as the Schüttelkugel is moved, as well as a lettering "Cosy Winter" on the base.

Start the day in a good mood with breakfast, using two colorfully designed porcelain cups, each with a content volume of 400ml. The high-quality cups with decorative band are a magical gift for friends of hot drinks.

The wintery Cosy Winter collection from NICI, which is also part of the NICI GREEN product world, consists of more than 50 articles and will be available from September 2023 in well-assorted gift and toy stores, online, in department stores, consumer and drug stores as well as in NICI stores.