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Shaun, the sheep from the popular TV-series, and his friends are available from NICI as fluffy soft toys, bags, cups, cushions, and many more accessories. Discover the world of Shaun, Shirley, and Timmy. Invite your favourite from the funny flock to your home.

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Shaun 80cm dangling Shaun 80cm dangling
€79.00 *
Backpack Timmy plush Backpack Timmy plush
€24.99 * €15.00 *
Rectangular Cushion Shaun Rectangular Cushion Shaun
€24.99 *
Key Ring Shirley Key Ring Shirley
€7.99 *
MagNICI Shaun the sheep MagNICI Shaun the sheep
€7.99 *
Key Ring Shaun the sheep Key Ring Shaun the sheep
€7.99 *
 Glitterglobe Shaun
€7.99 *