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Koala Kappy helps kids go to sleep happily

The cuddly koala Kappy is the new stuffed toy in NICI's Schlafmützen-collection and makes sure children go to bed with a good feeling.

18.05.17 10:22
Category: Press Statements

The NICI Schlafmützen are soft toys and sleeping-aids in one and make going to bed a positive experience.

          In May koala Kappy with his soft grey plush fur joins the Schlafmützen cuddly toy.  He supports his friends bear Tommsy, cat Kimsi, and rabbit Melly-Oh in accompaniyng children on their way to dreamland.

          The Schlafmützen help children find their ways into sleep and make sure the little ones dream what they would like to dream.

          How they do that? That’s simple: Children draw their wish onto a sheet of paper and put this sheet into the Schlafmützen-pyjamas’ bags.

          Next, the long nightcap is drawn over the cuddly toy’s eyes. It dozes off right away and takes its owner along on a journey through dreamland.

          Telling their plush friends their dreams and wishes and closing their eyes together is a great way for kids to end the day in a playful way and look forward to the next day.