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Learning through play with My First NICI

With the red-hot My first NICI collection parents can purposefully and playfully encourage the development of their baby during the first 36 months of life.

26.08.13 10:05
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, Germany, 26th March, 2013. NICI ensures the best possible start in life with the new baby playing and learning toys from the My First NICI collection.

The colourful product line made from the familiar high-quality NICI plush was developed around rabbit Tilli, the lamb Monny, the owl Olof, and a small mouse. Four enchanting little friends who have sprung from a bedtime story and have landed directly in baby's nursery.

In the late summer of 2013, NICI will be launching a new My First NICI product line for the littlest ones comprising 32 individual articles focussed on the four characters. The collection will be available in well-assorted gift and toy shops, department stores, on the internet and in the more than 30 NICI shops.

Babies are curious about the world and want to discover it with all their senses. Above all, they learn by means of observing and copying. Especially in role-play toddlers already playfully come into close contact with the adult world. The first learning processes and perception via the senses can be encouraged with selected toys. Therefore, the My First NICI products are geared to the respective developmental stages. Especially in the first months of life, babies learn very quickly when many of their senses are stimulated. This is why the NICI designers have – in developing the My First NICI products – especially paid attention to the fact that the NICI learning toys promote the early childhood development as well as possible.

Colourful, mobile elements, for example, encourage the perception of shapes and colours whereas music stimulates the sense of hearing. Among the new products there are grasping toys, wrist rattles, teething rings, baby shoes with a built-in plush rattle, a plush ball, a musical mobile, an activity spiral, a cuddly blanket with hood, figurative plush books, and three different plush pictures measuring 17, 5 x 17,5 cm for decorating the nursery.

The cuddly soft dummy toy rabbit 30 cm in size features a handy pocket on its reverse side in which additional dummies can be stored, for example. The four friends – rabbit, owl, lamb and bear – are also available as 25 cm tall plush animals. Lamb and owl are furthermore also sold as plush attachments 15 cm in size for prams or bed.

The new grasping toys all include an exciting surprise for baby. The lamb, the owl, and the sweet all have a small rattle within, the flower features a squeaker, and the rabbit, hiding in a flower, comes with a bell and crackling foil.

Endless play fun and interaction is offered by the popular activity spiral with lamb and rabbit that can be attached to baby's cot.

Babies will be enchanted by the mechanical musical mobile with lamb and rabbit from the very beginning (from 0 months on).

As soon as baby is a little older and interested in pictures, tactile materials and shapes, the figurative lamb plush book and the figurative rabbit plush book, each 28 cm in size, as well as the baby book made of cardboard are of service.

The new wrist rattles with lamb, rabbit, owl, and mouse offer diversion and entertainment as well as a lot to discover.

The handy and health-wise uncritical teething rings in three different designs are the ideal toy at the cutting of teeth when baby begins to bite and chew on everything.

The colourful grasping toys in lamb and rabbit design feature a rattle and train baby's eye-hand coordination and its fine motor skills in a simple but entertaining way.

An amusing game of action and reaction is offered by the 15 cm tall plush lamb that is attached to a soft, colourful ball. When the ball is pulled, it retracts automatically and wobbles from side to side in a funny way.        

NICI attaches greatest importance to excellent product quality and the latest safety standards. Therefore, the NICI GmbH executes strict quality checks and has all its baby products tested and certified by the independent testing institute LGA.

Learning through play with My First NICI!