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More mysticism, more magic – NICI enchants a whole generation of girls with one little girl from Moonville.

26.08.13 09:05
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, 26th August, 2013. With Miss Moonville, NICI presents an eerily beautiful autumn-collection which surely is going to win girls’ hearts in no time.

Somewhere in Moonville, there is an old and abandoned mansion. It is said that there is something odd about this place…But some day, a little 13-year old girl moves in. No one knows where she came from and every time she puts on her hood, she is in possession of magic powers. With her best friend, the spider, she explores the exciting and mystical world around her.

Right in time for the misty time of year, Miss Moonville conquers childrens’ rooms with lots of cool accessories. From the end of August, the Miss Moonville-collection is going to be available in well-assorted gift and toy shops, department stores, on the internet as well as in the more than 30 NICI shops.

Miss Moonville, the mysterious little girl with the magical hood, is available as dangling plush-doll in various sizes (15, 25, and 35cm); her best friend the spider is available in two different sizes (15 and 25cm). Attached to the schoolbag or rucksack, either Miss Moonville or the cool black spider accompany fans as 10cm Bean Bags. The two of them also cling to metal surfaces as 12cm MagNICIs.

Young girls of course need their own realm to which they can retreat from time to time. They often have precise ideas about how their room should be decorated and painted. Accessories in purple, pink, and black are currently in vogue. The two Miss Moonville plush cushions (one oval and one quadratic) fulfil all of these criteria and thus any bed can be adored with them perfectly.

            Cool accessories enchant girls of every age

The two bags are mystical and fancy. The plush sling bag featuring Miss Moonville and the shoulder bag which has the shape of Miss Moonville’s plush-hood make girls look stunningly good. The plush-case, a purse, and a matching mobile-phone bag can be carried around in these bags well. At school and at home, Miss Moonville is around on a pencil with attached eraser, on a pen, and on a small notebook. The 6,5cm glitter globe offers a mind troubled with homework in maths some rest. Secret thoughts and ideas are kept safe in the Miss Moonville-diary. The alarm clock makes sure that nobody gets up late in the mornings. And the two porcelain mugs, one in pink, one in black, make waking up over a mug of delicious hot tee easy.

Irresistible – Miss Moonville and her mystical world.