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Friends for Life

In the current Wild Friends-collection the NICI, two wild animals from South Africa who couldn't differ more encounter each other.

22.07.13 09:05
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, Germany, 22nd July, 2013. NICI is adding a crocodile and a rhinoceros to its red-hot Wild Friends-programme, letting the two friends move into nurseries.

Burt and Terence are best friends. The two good-natured vagabonds always get into trouble. But they are as thick as thieves and save each other's neck time and again. Terence is a golden boy, a real rascal in every respect, but with his congeniality and intelligence he manages to twist everyone he meets around his little finger. Burt, who is usually relaxed and indulgent, is nevertheless capable of exploding and then tends to beat his head against a stone wall. But in spite of the fact that Burt and Terence seem to be very much different at first glance, they are a perfect match and live through numerous adventures together.

The two friends, who are always ready for fun, will win a large fan-community in no time at all. As dangling plush, the two heavy weights will be available in different sizes: Terence, the crocodile, from 15 cm to 80 cm and Burt, the rhinoceros, even in 120 cm. In addition, a small bird, a good friend of theirs, is sold as dangling plush measuring 25 cm. Furthermore, Terence is available as a lying plush crocodile sized 20, 30, and 50 cm. Whether as a plush charm with an incorporated bag, as a Bean Bag key ring or a cuddly MagNICI-magnet, Burt and Terence are always one of a party. The high-quality processing and the elaborate design of the NICI Wild Friends-programme furthermore convey a sense of reassurement of giving oneself and others something good.

The new Wild Friends Collection is available from July in well-assorted gift and toy shops, department stores, the internet, and the more than 30 NICI shops.

An Assortment Leaving Nothing to be Desired

A pillow-fight to your heart's content during the day and peacefully falling asleep at night – not problem whatsoever with two different cuddly cushions in extraordinary designs and formats. On the go, these wild friends are always by your side whether on two plushy shoulder bags in different sizes and colours or on plush purses and cell phone pouches in rhinoceros and crocodile design. The Beauties-charms with a small bell are available as rhinoceros, crocodile and a hummingbird and decorate rucksacks, bags, and satchels.

Even at your desk at home or at school the two smart friends will be your audience. They support you working at your computer by means of a witty crocodile wrist guard for the keyboard or help you cleaning your smart phone display with special display cleaners. The two plush pencil cases in crocodile and rhinoceros design offer enough space for a great number of pencils. A pencil receptacle in form of a plush rhinoceros ensures a tidy desk. And could there be a better place to put a photo of your best friend on display than in the crocodile and rhinoceros photo holders? The plush rhinoceros money box is so plump that it wants to be fed all the time.

The safety scissors in two designs, the ballpoint pen, the text marker set as well as a DIN A5 and a DIN A6 notepad complete the stationary line of the new Wild Friends-assortment.

Happy feet at home are guaranteed with the figurative plush slippers. These crocodile shoes are available in the sizes M and L. And the three porcelain cups in different designs and colours make every day begin on a cheerful note.

Discovering wild animals anew…