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A Declaration of Love to a Sheep

An addition to the famous Jolly Mäh sheep-family of the NICI GmbH. Two new soft woolly members will enchant the fan-community: Jolly Dean and Jolly Sue.

08.07.13 09:05
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, Germany, 08th July, 2013. Fans may be curious. The NICI designers have come up with an enchanting love story this time. The result is a strong Jolly Mäh-collection leaving nothing to be desired.

It is a day like any other when Jolly Dean takes off with his prop plane Tigermoth JM86 from the runway to rise high into the blue cloudless sky and to fly his rounds over the sheep pastures. When he begins his second round, a bright light suddenly shines into his cockpit and blocks his view completely for a moment. But what was it? A glance towards the pasture presents him with the reason for his momentary blindness. There she is, a sheep girl with curly cuddly ears, pink socks, and a shining star on her headband. Jolly Dean is immediately taken in. At this very moment, high above the ground, he loses his heart to Jolly Sue, the lively sheep girl from sheep pasture Number 7. His heart stops a beat and then he has THE idea how to catch her attention. He pulls the joystick back and the plane steeply rises into the sky. One sharp curve and two loopings later a cloud heart decorates the sky.

This may be told already: His flight manoeuvre was successful!

From the beginning of July, the novel products from the enchanting new Jolly Mäh-collection will be available in different versions, shapes, and designs everywhere where NICI is sold, namely in well-assorted, specialised toy and gift shops, the internet, department stores, and the more than 30 NICI shops.

The unique design, lovingly made details, and the traditional high-quality materials of the NICI GmbH make these products a singular present for oneself or your loved ones. More than 40 adorable and lovingly detailed products will enchant consumers and win them over.

            Various Products in Jolly Mäh Design for at Home and on the Go

Jolly Dean and Jolly Sue are available as dangling plush in six different sizes – from 15 cm to 120 cm. Jolly Dean is equipped with a pilot's cap and goggles as well as a typical collar, whereas Jolly Sue presents herself with a star on her headband and delightful polka dot “tights“. These two are a must for every sheep collection. On the go, the two of them accompany their new owners as 10 cm tall Bean Bag key rings and cling to all metal surfaces as 12 cm tall MagNICIs.

A lot of handy accessories also belong to the extensive Jolly Mäh-assortment. The nursery or your first apartment can be decorated with plush pictures sized 25 x 25 cm, a rectangular, square or figurative cushion, a cuddly blanket or the 15 cm tall, witty curtain clasps. The two lovers are also loyal companions when you are out and about. They smile from a plushy Jolly Sue shoulder bag that also fits a folder and from a Jolly Dean shoulder bag, two different purses or a cellphone pouch. Even at school, the two are one of a party. On a ballpoint pen, a text marker set of five and two different pencil cases the two make their appearance as well as on a notepad in DIN A5 with message cards and a notepad in DIN A6 with mirror foil. With the help of the ornamental cellotape in a 3 pack, letters and works of art can be beautifully decorated. But the assortment is not yet complete: A music box with a compartment for jewellery and two cups are available in an enchanting Jolly Dean and Jolly Sue design.

Jolly Dean & Jolly Sue – sheep for life!