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On a Grand Mission

Little space fans will be enchanted by an extraordinary product line focussing on the endless universe and distant galaxies. A highlight collection from NICI aimed especially at adventurous boys aged three to nine.

24.06.13 10:05
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, Germany, 24th June, 2013. In developing the new NICI Commanders-collection, NICI has turned to the topic of space and undiscovered expanses and created an adventurous product line focussed on two little heroes in space suits. You are invited to be part of this adventure and to accompany them on their grand missions!

In order to discover new territories and secrets of the universe, two of the best men are sent on a mission on and around our planet: Star Commander and Sea Commander are the favoured ones. Star Commander's assignment is to search our solar system for new resources and intelligent forms of life. To do so, he commands a powerful rocket that brings him into the farthest corners of the universe almost at the speed of light. At the same time, Sea Commander is sent into the depths of the oceans with a highly developed submarine. Deep down, he is on the look out for sunken cities and thereby explores the largest, almost uncharted territory of our earth.

Both commanders have already successfully fulfilled a number of missions and are always in contact with each other – also during this challenge. A lot of dangers are lying in wait for our heroes. But time and again they prove that they are simply the best!

From the end of June on, an astronaut with a rocket and a diver with a submarine will be floating into well-assorted specialised gift and toy shops, the internet, department stores, and the more than 30 NICI shops, surprising not only fans of distant galaxies and unexplored depths of the oceans, but also offering numerous ideas for presents.

The heroic astronaut and diver by NICI are available in four different sizes each (13, 20, 30 and 45 cm) – as a standing plush friend or also as a 10 cm tall beanbag carabiner for rucksack or school bag. The popular Bean Bag key ring is additionally sold in a rocket and submarine design.

Big and small NICI fans are especially enthralled by the high NICI quality and the lovingly detailed unique design in matching colours by the branded goods company from Altenkunstadt, Germany.

Space Action in Nursery, Kindergarten and at School

The new line is a must-have for boys who love adventurous and brave characters! Whether at home or on the go, whether at school or in their spare time: The commanders by NICI are always one of a party.

But even the greatest adventurers need a break once in a while. A really cuddly one is guaranteed with two different cushions. The rectangular diver cushion in petrol blue and shades of grey and wonderfully soft plush material is at your disposal as is the handy round astronaut cushion in white and grey with a diameter of 26 cm that is truly decorative in every nursery. A matching clock depicting the astronaut and the diver has child-appealing numbers and helps to always be on time. A money box shaped like a submarine and made of green plush is a real eye-catcher and motivates not only grandma and grandpa to feed it.

On the go, the two explorers accompany their new owners on one of two different rucksacks. The rocket-shaped red rucksack with the Star Commander in its window was especially designed for little star fans. The petrol-coloured rucksack with the Sea Commander as an appliqué pocket with a zip will appeal to all little marine researchers.

True NICI Commander-fans will be enthusiastic about the two handy purses, one of which is even equipped with a carabiner. The red pencil case made of plush is also cosmic-cool and will certainly catch the attention of teachers and pupils with its rocket shape. As a little entertainment in between or as a small present, the two snow globes are ideal and always welcome.

With the two porcelain cups measuring 9,5x10 cm, the new day may begin with the astronaut or the diver. Both ensure that even the greatest morning grouch will become cheerful.

Mission completed, the next adventure is already calling…