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A special treat for the ones we love

NICI’s latest LOVE collection features a very special Classic Bear which is perfect for treating loved ones or oneself.

23.10.13 10:00
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, Germany, 23rd October, 2013. Loved ones and lovers are going to adore the NICI’s LOVE-products on any occasion; no matter if they are meant as a present for Christmas, anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day.

Love is an important subject all around the world. What could be better than telling a very special person “I love you” with this nice NICI bear? From November 2013, the cream-coloured and light-brown LOVE Bears are going to be available in well-assorted gift and toy shops, department stores, on the internet, and in the more than 30 NICI shops.

NICI has the right gift for everyone, after all, the collection consists of 35 adoring products; all of them featuring the cute LOVE Bear. And all of them have a unique design, harmonic colouring, and top-quality materials, which make them appealing for young and old alike.

The two cute and cuddly bears are available as dangling plush toys (sizes 15, 25, 35, 50, and 80cm). And who would not be glad about a LOVE Bear sitting on a red plush-heart? The two cream-coloured or light-brown Bean Bag key rings come in handy and can serve as little presents; so does the little bear with bag and key ring and the LOVE Bear MagNICIs with the red heart.

NICI LOVE products for everyone and any occasion

No bear-fan is should be without a comfortable bear-cushion. The NICI collection offers a plush cushion in the shape of a heart (25 and 40cm), a rectangular, as well as a quadratic cushion (40x40cm). The two LOVE Bears accompany their owners anywhere, either by smiling from a mobile phone case made of plush and nylon, from a smartphone case or from one of two purses. The cute LOVE Bear accessories also adorn every desk: Secret thoughts and dreams can be kept in a diary with a lock and the little cream-coloured bear can be caught dreaming about love on a plush pencil case and on a fancy beauty case with mirror inside. The collection is completed by a LOVE photoholder, a large glitter globe (6.5cm), two NICI beauties with bell and smartphone plug, a porcelain mug, and a gorgeous music box playing “For Elise”.

Love is …NICI!