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Tracing the snow leopard – winter can be so cuddly!

With the Snowdreams-collection the NICI GmbH presents winterly ideas for gifts for big and small friends of big cats.

10.10.13 17:04
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, Germany, 10th October, 2013. Quietly and almost invisibly the snow leopard roams the mountains of the Himalaya. With its soft and thick fur which is slightly spotted for camouflage it enchants more than any other big cat. The NICI GmbH opens the winter season 2013 with the adorable snow leopards of the Snowdreams-collection. The snow leopard girl and the snow leopard boy are perfect for winterly cuddling fun with their snowflake-soft fur and are therefore the perfect present – not only for Christmas.

Winter finds its way into the country and envelopes trees and mountains in a white stillness. Not a sound is to be heard, nobody to be seen. Only the soft howling of the wind in the fir tree tops and a few traces in the freshly fallen snow. They lead to a rock behind which, hardly visible, lies a bundle. The cuddly something turns out to be two snow leopards huddling close together, giving each other warmth in the icy winter world. They are sleeping peacefully and dreaming the snow dream.

From the end of September on, the velvet paws will tiptoe into well-assorted specialized gift and toy shops, the internet, into department stores, and the more than 30 NICI shops looking for new friends. The cuddly companions with a beautiful fur pattern in soft natural colours will be available in six different sizes. Whether 15, 25, 35, 50, 80 or 120 cm, the snow leopard girl and boy are made of the popular and high-quality NICI plush, inviting big and small to cuddle them.   The special highlight: The boy presents light, fluffy chest fur, whereas the girl has an especially cuddly fur collar around her neck. Apart from the dangling plush design, the two snow leopard children will also be available in a lying position in the sizes 20, 30, and 50 cm, as plush friends in a sitting position 20 cm tall, as beanbag key rings, and particularly clinging with magnets as 12 cm tall MagNICIs. On cold winter days, two comfy hot water bottles will guarantee cosy relaxation. A large plush blanket measuring 175 x 140 cm and a warming foot cushion made of plush fitting shoe sizes up to 7 ½ ensure a comfortable feeling on dark winter evenings on your sofa.  Plush slippers with the snow leopard girl in the sizes 2 ½ to 4 ½ and in 5 to 7 ½ will be popular in dwellings without underfloor heating. Special comfort and cosiness are promised by three cuddly cushions that are available in the current Snowdreams assortment. Whether rectangular or square, whether with both snow leopards or girl or boy each – everyone will find his or her favourite cushion. All products are made in tried and tested NICI quality and win over with their unique and lovingly detailed design typical of the branded goods company from Germany.

Amazing Accessories in Snowdreams-Design as Presents

A large number of handy accessories are included in the Snowdreams-collection featuring more than 60 articles. From now on, nobody needs to have a cold head any longer. The snow leopard cap made of plush looks especially sweet on younger children and keeps their ears warm. On the go, the two adorable snow leopards will accompany you on a large shoulder bag made of plush that offers enough space for a folder, or on a smaller one measuring 33 x 27 cm. The cell phone pouch and cell phone cover captivate by means of their appearance and their functionality. And in the plushy purses in two designs, pocket money is safely stowed on the go.  With the two snow leopards you are also perfectly equipped for school. The glitter gel pen set, the ballpoint pen, a blank book in DIN A5 with a detachable plush cover and pencil cases in four different designs and sizes will make studying twice as fun! But the assortment is not yet complete: A handy plush cover for your iPad depicting the snow leopard boy, a metal money box, snow globes, a thermosflask with a capacity of 350 ml, a snow leopard ice scraper with a glove, gift tags, and bags as well as the popular Beauties – individual figures with a bell – will be available in an adorable Snowdreams-design and transform the cold season into a wonderful cuddly winter tale together with their plushy companions.

Winter wonderland with the snow leopards by NICI!