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Once upon a time…

Fairy tales have always been popular, enchanting the old as well as the young again and again.

10.10.13 16:40
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, Germany, 10th October, 2013. Is there a child who does not love to listen to the exciting fairy tales written by the brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen? Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most favourite and probably the best known story in Europe. The NICI designers chose the fairy tale about the little girl in the red cape and developed a beautiful NICI collection.

NICI’s autumn collection Melly & Little Wolf stars a little goatling in a red cape which carries a basket full of goodies while roaming the forest. As in the original story, the cute goatling encounters the evil wolf, which – at least in the NICI story – turns into a hand-tame cuddly toy which is not at all frightening any more.

From October 2013, right on time when the days become shorter again and parents read fairy tales as bedtime stories to their children, Melly & Little Wolf, NICI’s version of Little Red Riding Hood, bring a certain magic into every child’s bedroom. The gorgeous NICI Fairy Tales collection is going to be available in well-assorted gift and toy shops, department stores, on the internet, and in the more than 30 NICI shops.

The cute white goatling with the red cape and the wolf in her arm are available as dangling plush version (25, 35, and 50cm). Melly’s plush toy wolf with grey fur is available in 15 and 25cm. The goatling is also available without the wolf in her arm as 15cm dangling plush toy and as10cm Bean Bag key ring as well. Her wolf can be bought as 12cm MagNICI and 10cm Bean Bag. Two plush cushions make reading the bedtime story most comfortable. The cushions are available in rectangular and square shape and with two different graphics on them.

Melly & Little Wolf accompany their owners anywhere on a plush pencil case as well as on a wallet. The handy suitcase made of the plush-material NICI is known for can be filled with everything essential for visiting the best friend. The 6.5cm glitterglobe featuring Melly in her red cape is the perfect gift to bring along when visiting this friend. The small drawing book can also be taken along to the friend’s house for some drawing fun. Those who would like to have Melly and her plush wolf around for breakfast can use the 350ml thermos flask or one of the two porcelain mugs in white and green. The fans of NICI’s version of Little Red Riding Hood will from now on have even more fun drinking their cocoa in the mornings.

                …and they lived happily ever after…