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Little Pony – Lots of Fun

Hardly any girl can resist this animal’s charm – the NICI GmbH knows that, too. By extending the successful NICI Horse Club-collection by a lovely pony-collection, NICI suits the taste of little pony-fans.

10.10.13 16:13
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, Germany, 10th October, 2013. With NICI Horse Club Junior featuring the pony Kapoony, the NICI designers from Altenkunstadt in Germany have created an amazing collection consisting of more than 20 items which is going to make little girls happy.

Kapoony is a happy little pony which lives on an idyllic farm where there is always some adventure lurking just around the corner. Kapoony is always accompanied by its favourite playmates: the butterflies. The pony loves to canter the pasture while the summer-wind caresses its mane.

The plush-pony and accessories are going to be available from October in well-assorted gift and toy shops, department stores, on the internet as well as in the more than 30 NICI shops.

The dark-brown dangling plush pony with the white blaze (25, 35, 50, and 80cm) wants to be loved and cuddled. A realistic, standing version is also part of the multifarious collection. The 25, 35, and 45cm plush-ponies make re-enacting life in the stables easy. Little horsewomen can sit on the 80cm Kapoony; its back of contrasting colour looking like a saddle. This well-filled pony is the perfect present for little pony-lovers. A 10cm Bean Bag key ring-version of Kapoony is available as well.

All of those who like to retreat to their rooms and relax a little should go for the two plush cushions (one in rectangular, one in quadratic shape). The quadratic cushion comes with a funny detail: A “barn door” which can be opened and closed and which is made of the top-quality product NICI is known for. The cuddly 175x140cm plush blanket in beige and apricot with pony Kapoony-application keeps everyone warm. So does the rectangular 500ml hot-water bottle in its plush-coat.

True pony-lovers can decorate their desks with a savings box or a pencil holder in the shape of Kapoony. A colouring book with stickers and a case with ten crayons and a pencil sharpener are also part of the collection. A pencil sharpener for two pencils is available as well. Four pony-stamps enable little designers to mark their artworks in a special way. The scissors with pony Kapoony-safety case are a must-have for every creative little girl.

Inside the lovely music box with jewellery compartment, Kapoony turns to the melody “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, making little pony-fans happy. When planning to visit the best friend, the plush handbag featuring Kapoony and a butterfly is the perfect accessory. In this bag, a small pocket mirror finds room. So does the plush neck pouch, which is equipped with a predetermined breaking point, making it a safe accessory for little pony-fans. 

The NICI Horse Club Junior-collection makes eating and drinking fun as well: A 350 ml thermos flask and the apricot-coloured lunchbox with divider are perfect for lunch. And finally, two porcelain-mugs with pony Kapoony’s image on them add to a perfect breakfast.

The best pony in the world by NICI!