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Who wants to be a cat-sitter?

This years’ Christmas-highlight once again is going to be NICI´s latest interactive product. With Sweet Baby Cat, NICI focuses the successful Electronics-collection on a cute kitten.

07.10.13 10:05
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, Germany, 7th October,2013. The adorable, cuddly female kitten reacts when it is touched gently and has many more exciting abilities, supplying entertainment for hours on end. With NICI’s Sweet Baby Cat, little girls cannot only be cat lovers and mother cat, but also put their abilities as nurses to the test.

Children who are three years of age and over can care for the Sweet Baby Cat on their own. It does not only need lots of love and cuddling, but also enjoys playing and having fun with its new best friend. When the kitten gets hungry or thirsty, it calls everyone’s attention to itself and is happy when it is fed with the baby bottle. This is when the little female cat is happiest and it says thank you to its owner by purring contentedly. But the sweet kitten can also get sick and catch a cold and run a fever.

From September onwards, little girls can look after Sweet Baby Cat, who has a huge need for affection. By giving it all their love and by caring for the kitten, girls can help it when it is sick and in need for an attentive nurse. Various accessories support the little nurses to make the little cat, which draws everyone’s attention with visual and audible reactions, healthy again.

With the help of a clinical thermometer, children can take the kitten’s temperature; the magical medicine can then be given to the little patient to cure the disease. When the kitten has caught a cold and has a shiny red nose, the sore muzzle can be wiped with the small handkerchief. All of these treatments together with extensive cuddling will work perfectly well and make the kitten feel completely contented and in the mood for extensive purring. When Sweet Baby Cat gets tired, it wants to be tucked in its cuddly blanket, ready to enter dreamland.

The device that communicates outside influences to Sweet Baby Cat is a touch-sensor. This is why the plush-kitten reacts like a real cat when touched. This makes the action-reaction-play interesting and supports children’s role play at the same time. The cute female kitten is made of the high-quality plush the NICI GmbH is known for. Sweet Baby Cat is the happiest kitten in the whole world when it is looked after with care.

            The innovative Sweet Baby Cat is going to be available from September 2013 in nearly all points of sale in Germany, on the internet as well as in the more than 30 NICI Shops. Additionally, several campaigns are going to accompany the interactive kitten. It will be presented on the classic banners, in NICI’s high-circulation consumer leaflet, and it is going to be on display in the NICI Shops, which are going to be decorated in Sweet Baby Cat-style. The public interest in the NICI kitten is also going to be stimulated by a TV-spot aired in between programmes for children and families on Super RTL in November/December 2013 as well as by attention-grabbing PR-moves and print-cooperations.