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Beautiful bumblebees and ladybirds

What could be better than to feel the rays of the spring-sun tickle on the skin after a long winter and watch nature wake up from its winter sleep and plants grow. NICI’s Happy Springtime-collection presents bumblebee and ladybird as beautiful spring-friends.

24.02.14 11:08
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, 24th February, 2014. Cheerful, colourful, and loveable – that is NICI’s spring-collection 2014.

When the first beams of the spring-sun warm fields and meadows, bumblebee and ladybird leave their winter habitats to explore the world around them and to do their work.

From February, the little bumblebee and the cute ladybird enchant everyone. They are available in well-assorted gift and stationary shops, toy stores, department stores, on the internet as well as in more than 30 NICI Shops.

The NICI designers have shown one more time how spring can be turned into a gorgeous plush-collection with products for every occasion. These top-quality products have the unique design NICI is known for.

Both bumblebee and ladybird can accompany their owners as 10cm Bean Bags. These Bean Bags as well as all plush toys, MagNICIs, and cushions come with a four-leaf clover attached to every product which is supposed to bring the owner luck. The MagNICIs are also able to cling to metallic surfaces. The plush toys are available in five different sizes: 15, 25, 35, 50, and 80cm. Their lying counterparts are available in 20 and 30cm.

 A child’s room can be decorated with a seat cushion in the shape of the bumblebee and the ladybird and two plush cushions, one in rectangular, one in quadratic shape. The two plush wallets can be taken along on the next shopping trip. One of them features the bumblebee, the other one the ladybird. And with the money stored within, two Happy Springtime-glitter globes and a porcelain mug can be bought.