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In 2012, the NICI GmbH launched its dog-collection. In February 2014, the latest member of the collection, the grey-and-white Schnauzer, is enchanting dog-lovers.

20.02.14 08:50
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, 20th February, 2014. The Schnauzer is a watchful and lovable family dog and is now featured in a NICI collection. With the plush toys and accessories, everyone will find their favourite product.

             The ten articles of NICI’s dog-collection are available in well-assorted gift and stationary shops, toy stores, department stores, on the internet as well as in more than 30 NICI Shops.

             The collection contains a 10cm Bean Bag and cute and cuddly Schnauzer plush toys sized 15, 25, 35, and 50cm. These will surely win the heart of every dog lover.

              Many people don’t want their dogs to lie on their beds. But these will surely make an exception for the soft and cuddly Schnauzer plush cushions – a quadratic one and a rectangular one from which the dog’s lop ear stands out. The cute animal is also featured on a plush pencil case and on a colourful porcelain mug which will make even the biggest morning grouch smile.