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Hooray for friendship!

Due to their unique and merry designs, the members of the Jolly Mäh- family have long since attained cult status. New characters have been enthusing the community with their charming appearance for years and will go on doing so in 2014, when two close sheep-friends enter the stage.

29.01.14 15:02
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, 29th January, 2014. NICI’s latest Jolly Mäh-collection featuring Jolly Amy and Jolly Frances is going to make their fans happy with soft plush toys, handy writing materials, and gorgeous accessories.

Jolly Amy is excited! Her best childhood friend, Jolly Amy, has announced her visit! This brings back so many memories, because the two sheep-girls have always had so much fun together. Jolly Amy and Jolly Frances have always been of one mind, not only when it comes to fashion. For hours on end, the two can talk about the latest fashion-trends and don’t even notice how time flies by.

Jolly Amy and Jolly Frances enchant everybody with their girly products, no matter how old. In January 2014, more than 40 new Jolly Mäh-articles are going to be available in well-assorted gift- and stationary shops, toy stores, department stores, on the Internet as well as in the more than 30 NICI shops.

With their unique design, the nice colours which appeal to girls all over the world, beautiful details, and the top-quality materials used for our products make the latest Jolly Mäh-collection the perfect gift for any girl – daughter, grand-daughter or best friend.

Jolly Amy, who wears cute yellow bows at her ears and a fur-dress with a pink star on it, and her best friend Jolly Frances, who has donned an apricot-coloured fur-dress, are available as dangling plush toys sized 15, 25, 35, 50, 80, and 120cm. Who does not want to take the two cute girls along when leaving the house? No problem: Amy and Frances come as 10cm Bean Bags, and Frances can also cling to metal surfaces as 12cm MagNICI sheep.

Great Jolly Mäh-gift ideas

The collection designed around Amy and Frances makes girls’ dreams come true. You want to show your best friend just how much she means to you? Give her one of the two plush cushions, one apricot-coloured, one beige. Two of the corners of the cushions can be interlooped; turning two cushions into one. Another nice accessory for every girl’s room: a rectangular and a quadratic cushion – both of them featuring Amy and Frances. The two girls can be taken along on any journey, either on a handy nylon and plush sports bag or on a plush shoulder-bag. The collection also comprises two wallets in two different sizes, a cosmetic case with mirror, two mobile phone cases, as well as a cute carry bag.

Those who own an iPhone 5 will surely love a plastic Amy and Frances case. At school, the two sheep come in handy on two pencil cases, a pencil- and a coloured pencil-set, a rubber-pen, and on three notebooks. Best friends can fill in the pages of the Amy and Frances friendship book. Secret thoughts and experiences can be noted down in a diary with lock and key. Wit the Jolly Mäh-letter paper, girls can write at least eight letters to grandma, grandpa, and the best friend. Two post-it pads in pink and mint can be placed on every desk. Two pocket-mirrors can be taken along to always be able to make sure the hairdo is still perfect. The collection is completed by two porcelain mugs – start your day with some tea or cocoa drank from one of these mugs and it will be a successful day.

Jolly Amy and Jolly Frances – true friendship!