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NICI’s adventurous Australia

The Wild Friends have arrived in Australia’s outback where they encounter one of the most famous animals of the fifth continent - the kangaroo.

14.01.14 14:06
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, Germany, 14th January, 2014. The NICI GmbH turns every child’s bedroom into the Australian outback with the help of the 2014 Wild Friends collection, consisting of two kangaroos and their good friend.

The lively kangaroo-boy Sam and his mother Camira live in Australia’s wild outback. Camira tells her son everything a kangaroo needs to know in this world. One day, the two meet the saurian George on one of their rambles. George is a funny guy and totally different from all the other animals Sam has met before. The little kangaroo enjoys every minute he can spend with George and is glad about any distraction from his mother’s teaching units. Nevertheless, Camira is glad her son has found a good friend and is willing to stretch the rules when Sam and George romp around in the red sand.

The adorable Wild Friends collection featuring animals which are characteristic of Australia consists of a kangaroo-mother and her son as well as of a green saurian and a koala. The friends are going to be available from January 2014 in well-assorted gift and toy shops, department stores, on the internet as well as in the more than 30 NICI shops. The high quality and appealing design of NICI’s Wild Friends are perfect as nice and unique present for oneself and others.

Baby-kangaroo and saurian are available as Bean Bag key rings (10cm); Camira the kangaroo-mother even as 12cm Bean Bag with a small bag and a zipper. George the saurian is available as MagNICI and can thus cling to every metal object. Fans of the NICI plush are going to love the three friends in many different forms and sizes. The grey kangaroo-mother comes in five different sizes –15 to 80cm – as standing plush toy. Camira is also available as 30cm plush toy with her son Sam in her pouch. The beige baby-kangaroo Sam, his green saurian-friend George, and the cute koala are available as cuddly plush toys sized 15, 25, and 35cm as well. George the saurian comes as lying plush friend (20 and 30cm), too.

Lovely presents for every occasion

The Wild Friends Australia come with lots of fantastic accessories and gift ideas. No kangaroo-fan should miss out on the three comfortable NICI plush cushions; a quadratic one and two rectangular ones with two designs and two different sizes. Two beautiful plush shoulder-bags in two different sizes and with two motives can be taken along on every journey, to school and to physical education. The matching wallet, mobile phone case with two different motives as well as plush cases for iPad and iPad mini are available, too.

 Those who would like to take the NICI kangaroos to school can choose between a pen, a pop-a-point pencil, a rubber-pencil, a coloured pencil set with 24 pencils, a DIN A6 spiral book, and one of two pencil cases on all of which a kangaroo jumps jauntily through the Australian outback. Every home can be decorated with kangaroo-accessories such as a photo holder with spring, NICI Beauties with small bells and smartphone plugs or a cereal bowl and two porcelain mugs. Who would not like to go on a journey to the fifth continent right away?