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NICI Creatures – A Visit to the Land of the Monsters

Legendary creatures such as dragons and sea monsters have always fascinated mankind. The creative workshop of the NICI GmbH in Altenkunstadt in Upper Franconia, Germany, has taken up this classic boys’ play theme and executed it with a focus on the target group and a great love for detail.

17.09.14 13:26
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Altenkunstadt, September 17th, 2014. NICI Creatures is the red-hot NICI collection in the field of plush and accessories, especially geared to boys aged five to ten.

The kingdom of the fire dragon Roorkh is the vast expanse of the sky and the rugged land. Nevertheless, he is sometimes attracted by the sea. He then elegantly sails along the stormy coastline and majestically looks down upon the choppy ocean. There, miles beneath the water line, another force is hiding. This has been the territory of the giant sea monster Arkaai for hundreds of years.  Time and again these two creatures encounter each other and a powerful showdown ensues…

From September 2014 on, the fantasy-loaded NICI Creatures collection will be available in well-assorted gift and toy shops, department stores, on the internet, and in the more than 30 NICI shops. 

Powerful Dragon Products for True Fans of these Eerily Beautiful Giants

Roorkh, the fire dragon, is very diverse when it comes to designs and sizes. Whether as a 10cm tall beanbag key ring, as a sitting plush character measuring 15, 20, 30, 45, 80 as well as gigantic 120 and 160cm or as a standing dragon version sized 30, 40, and 50cm.

Arkaai, the scary sea monster, is also available as a beanbag, as a standing character 20, 30, 40, 50, 80, and up to 120cm tall as well as in a lying position sized 40 and 50cm. Funny and not at all uncanny is the blue sea monster as a bathtub dragon measuring 30cm. And all those who cannot get enough of these creatures will be truly happy about the double-headed version of a dragon species that presents itself standing to a height of 30 and 40cm.

But even the wildest dragon hunter needs a small break from time to time and then gladly beds his head on one of the infernally soft fluffy cushions made of the popular NICI plush. Whether printed in rectangular shape or as a giant cuddly cushion with appliqués sized 64 x 42cm – both cushions promise true relaxation after exciting play.  A real eye catcher at the swimming pool is the colourfully printed bathing towel (70 x 140cm) with an exciting “Battle of the Giants” motif. The convenient wallet made of nylon with a cool chain is indispensable when on the go. At school and doing your work at home, the pencil case, two ballpoint pens with LED light in different designs as well as the pencils with eraser toppers in a mystical dragon look are favourites. The matching “My Friends” book is not only gladly accepted by your friends, but teachers and the girls in your class will also like to eternalise themselves. The metal money box offers enough space for numerous coins and bank notes and therefore guarantees a nest egg. The assortment is rounded off by a beautiful porcelain cup in a NICI Creatures design as well as a lunchbox which conveniently holds a tasty refreshment for little dragon hunters.

              Exciting adventures lie ahead…