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My First NICI – Encouraging Babies Playfully

With products from the My First NICI collection parents can ideally encourage the learning process of their baby during the first years of life with a lot of fun.

27.08.14 12:16
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, 28th August, 2014. New characters and creative ideas for products enhance the My First NICI collection in the second half of 2014.  Geared to the needs of babies and parents, toys have been developed by NICI that not only deserve to be appraised for their high quality and educational encouragement but also ideally promote the cognitive development of a child.

The bedtime story that is the basis of the new My First NICI 4 Collection is about the dog Fino who discovers a new world of imagination thanks to his investigative skills. In this bright and colourful world, the adorable My First NICI characters meet the rainbow boy Kobi and the enchanting toadstool girl Maila and experience exciting adventures together...

The My First NICI novelties for autumn will be available from the end of August 2014 in well-assorted gift and toy shops, the internet, in department stores and the more than 30 NICI shops.


Cuddling Competitor for Mummy
Time to cuddle! The adorable dog Fino is a really cuddly one and therefore a serious competitor for mummy when it comes to cuddling. He comes in a lying position 23 cm long and as a dangling plush friend in 25 cm. Toadstool girl Maila and rainbow boy Kobi are also available as 25 cm tall cuddly friends. All three characters can also be attached to crib or pram as charms 15 cm in size.
Almost every baby and infant has a cuddly cloth. One that comforts because it is so soft and cuddly and smells so familiar. One that accompanies its little owner through thick and thin. The new My First NICI collection offers enchanting, two-sided cuddly cloths Dog Fino & Rabbit Tilli as well as Toadstool Maila & Rainbow  Boy Kobi in delightful colours. The plushy bed attachment “Good Night“ depicting rabbit Tilli is an adorable companion on the journey into the land of sweet dreams.


For Little Explorers
The My First NICI product range is regularly “tested“ by babies and toddlers in complex playing sessions and evaluated by mothers. It is important for NICI's designers to develop child and age adequate products that appeal to and encourage baby's senses and, at the same time, ensure a lot of fun. Babies are curious regarding the world around them and want to discover it with all their senses. They primarily learn by watching and imitating. These first learning steps can be encouraged with select toys.

First attempts at grasping and holding are mastered with the miniature grasping characters Toadstool Maila and Rainbow Boy Kobi which also surprise with a rattle inside their bodies. The two wooden grasping rings Dog Fino and Rabbit Tilli are also equipped with an acoustic stimulus: a little bell. The cuddly grasping ring with a rattle resembling the toadstool girl Maila in her red dress is soft and light in weight. Motor skills are encouraged with the miniature plush balls in two different designs. The Activity Plush Ball with an “inner life“ - Maila and a shatter proof mirror are hidden inside – also induces toddlers to actively play and set out to discover with a lot of fun.

Hand puppet Rabbit Tilli gives mummy's stories a wholly new dimension and will  make children listen especially attentively with this visual stimulus serving as an enhancement. With the help of the plush learning book and its lovingly designed pages infants six months and up can playfully extend their small universe and learn to recognize things.


Walking and Rocking the My First NICI Way
Emerging doll mummies will, among other things, practice walking with the pull-along pram made of soft NICI material on wooden wheels. The small toadstool girl Maila is sitting inside but can also be taken out for role-play.

The rocking rabbit Tilli is even available in two sizes. The smaller one of the two products is ideal for rocking your plush friends or your first doll. The large rocking rabbit is perfect for little children. Extended playing and rocking fun is guaranteed.


Safety Tested by My First NICI
NICI places greatest value on excellent product quality and highest safety standards. Therefore, the NICI GmbH performs strict quality controls and has all baby products tested and certified.

You will find the complete story about Fino and his new friends as well as further information in My First NICI here: