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News from the NICI Pony Stable - NICI Horse Club Junior 2

Following the great success of the first NICI Horse Club Junior collection featuring the pony Kapoony, NICI has created another pony character that will make girls' hearts leap for joy.

27.08.14 12:07
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, 27th August, 2014. With the NICI Horse Club Junior 2 collection, NICI presents more than twenty adorable plush products and convenient accessories for pony fans.

Poonita, the lively, sweet girl pony gives her debut and brings new impetus to the pasture. From the first moment on, she hits it off with Kapoony and the two of them spend lots of time together. They gallop across the meadow side by side, chase the butterflies, and simply have a lot of fun together...

From August 2014 on, Poonita will delight little pony fans with an extensive line of products that leaves nothing to be desired. The brand new NICI Horse Club Junior 2 collection will be available in well-assorted gift and toy shops, department stores, on the internet, and in the more than 30 NICI shops.

Poonita, the brown-beige dappled pony mare, is soft and utterly adorable as a plush friend. She is naturally available as a 10cm tall Bean Bag as well as in eight further variations. As a standing plush pony, Poonita comes in the sizes 25, 35, and 45cm. Little girls aged three to six will also be enchanted by a 80cm tall, standing, and utterly sturdy Poonita they can really sit on. The 25, 35, 50, and 80cm large dangling plush characters are ideal for cuddling. For pony play on the go, Poonita, sized 15cm, is the first choice, especially if you take her plushy “habitat“ along, which has got a very convenient carrying handle.

True pony fans will also like to adorn their children's room with beautiful decorative articles and accessories centred on ponies. Two wonderful plush cushions in rectangular shape, printed or also with elaborate applications will guarantee cosy moments. Whether in brown with a 2D stable door or in a girlish magenta – these cushions are an absolute must. The plush sleeping bag with a convenient bag for transport is ideal for spending the night at the stable (or simply at your best friend's house). Measuring 140 x 65cm, the sleeping bag not only keeps you warm, but also ensures sweet dreams. The fun, magenta-coloured plush slippers displaying Kapoony and Poonita will always keep little feet comfortably warm. These striking slippers are available in the children's sizes 9-12 (27-30) and 12 ½ -13 ½ (31-33).

For an outing with kindergarten or school, the 28cm tall plush rucksack offers enough space for a picnic. A magenta-coloured plush pencil case with a foldable flap for additional pens and pencils is not only very convenient but also a real eye-catcher at school or on your desk at home. In the plush case with a handy zip, little fashion-lovers can stow their first make-up products and admire themselves in the mirror on the inside of the case. The assortment also comprises a plush suitcase sized 30 x 23 x 8.5cm which can be packed with everything that is most important for little ladies when they go to see their best friend. The small coin pouch is ideal for small change, whereas grandma and grandpa will like to “feed” the beautifully designed metal money box when they visit. Saving this money will later buy you a pony of your own. The 6.5cm tall snow globe is a magical and glittery experience each time it is shaken. 

In the realm of stationary, the Pony Poonita line offers a beautiful family calendar for the year 2015 that is a birthday and appointment calendar in one for up to five people. Not only pony-fans will love to write into the Pony Poonita friends book, but also the child care workers in kindergarten or your first school teacher. This assortment is rounded off by a drawing and crafting book with scissors and template as well as a DIN A6 note book with mirror foil.

Already at breakfast time the NICI Horse Club Junior 2 line makes little eyes shine. The beautiful porcelain cup in a Poonita-design as well as a tableware-set made of melamine, comprising a plate, a bowl, and a cup, are indispensable articles for the perfect morning.