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Cute AYUMI accessories from NICI

Cool handbags, handy notepads, and many other accessories are a must-have for any AYUMI-fan.

22.03.15 16:48
Category: Press Statements

After the sensational success of the four AYUMI plush-dolls Love, Hope, Fun, and Secret, NICI now lets girls’ hearts beat faster with these great accessories.


The new accessories feature the AYUMI Love, Hope, Fun, and Secret. Every one of them inspired the NICI designers to create seven items for every AYUMI: a purse, two handbags, a pocket-morrir, a notebook, and a pen with AYUMI pendant.

Take the purse with detachable wrist strap and the chic handbag to the next shopping trip with your best friend. The shopper bag can be taken for extensive shopping-tour; it surely offers enough room for every acquisition. This bag is an absolute eye-catcher and highly fashionable. The new key ring with three pendants can be attached to these handbags perfectly. A girl should also always have her AYUMI pocket-mirror, the notebook, and the pen with AYUMI pendant with her. 


Secret’s products are anthracite and green. She has a mysterious and profound character.
                Love is brave and confident. Her colours are pink and anthracite.
               Hope is steadfast and patient. She is wise like an angel and her seven articles are kept in a classic black-and-white design that is trimmed with turquoise highlights.
               Last but not least there is Fun, the craziest among the AYUMIs. Fun’s cheerful fur-colour turquoise can be found in her products as well. It is finished with anthracite, which makes these products real eye-catchers.

Besides the original plush characters in sized 20, 30, and 38cm and the Bean Bag pendants, the collection now also provides fans with trendy accessories for everyday life.

AYUMI is four plush-dolls in 20, 30, and 38cm of size and as Bean Bag keyring pendants. These four character accompany you everywhere you go and comfort you in every condition of life. What they all have in common is their appearance which resembles that of Japanese manga-heroes, the rebellious hair, and the amazing, glittering eyes.

The name AYUMI is Japanese and means “she does it her way”.