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On the farm with the NICI Wonderland dolls

Minisohpie and Minilucas, the two new NICI Wonderland plush dolls, invite girls of preschool age to the farm and bring extra clothes and little farm animals for extra fun.

23.03.15 17:06
Category: Press Statements

NICI’s plush doll collection NICI Wonderland provides endless fun and lots of lovingly details to discover for girls. The cuddly plush dolls Minisophie and Minilucas bring extra clothes and little farm animals made of plush to make sure that visiting the farm never gets boring.

Hi! My name is Minisophie and my best kindergarten friend is Minilucas. We love to visit the farm in our town. We like to help out there and take care of the cute animals. Feeding them and watching them grow makes us very happy. My favourite animal is the little chicken and Minilucas loves his little piglet. Would you like to have fun with them and help out on the farm? Then let us play together!

With their perky facial expressions embroidered with solid threads and their soft hair out of well-known, high-quality NICI plush, the two dolls conquer the heart of every doll mother and become her faithful playmates instantly. Strong colours, clever details, easy to change doll clothes, and matching accessories create a harmonious impression.

 Accessories for even more fun

From March 2015, the new NICI Wonderland collection is available in well-assorted gift and toy shops, in department stores, on the internet, and in more than 30 NICI Shops. Of course, Minisophie and Minilucas are also available in the NICI web-shop.

Both dolls are 30cm tall and bring along two sets of clothes – a yellow rain cape and a dress, both reversible – which enable kids to create specific situations while playing. Besides the cuddle pillow (43 x 25cm) with funny details for the doll mother’s nap, there is also a practical plush bag (23 x 33cm) which provides plenty of room for your toys. The set with three small plush farm animals tops off the collection. With the NICI Wonderland dolls, there is no limit when it comes to fantasy and fun at play.