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Let the dream of your own horse come true with the NICI Soulmates

Small riders and horse enthusiasts will find everything their heart desires in the NICI Soulmates collection. With their expressive eyes and beautiful accessories plush-horses Velvet and Diamond let girls’ hearts beat faster.

16.02.15 09:23
Category: Press Statements

With the NICI Soulmates NICI presents its new horse collection in a new and charming look.

Almost every girl is attracted by horses. When it comes to plush products and accessories featuring horses, girls and women alike melt away. NICI’s brand new horse line represents the strong connection between girls and horses. The new characters Diamond and Velvet represent love, freedom, wild nature, and everything young girls dream about.

Unique accessories that leave nothing to be desired

The NICI Soulmates-collection is kept in vivid colours and covers a wide range of plush toys, gifts, and stationery, which are all available from February 2015 in well-assorted gift and toy shops, on the Internet, in department stores, in over 30 NICI shops, and in the NICI Online-Shop.

The beige-coloured horse lady Diamond is characterised by its bright mane, tail, blaze, and a cute hair bow on her ear. Velvet, the brown horse, has pink ribbons in its hair. Both are available as plush toys in sizes 25, 35, 50 and 80 cm. The standing versions of both animals can be obtained in 15 and 25cm of size. 

The collection’s accessories are manifold. Two rectangular plush pillows make girls dream about their own horse. On the beige cushion, Diamond is depicted with a cute hair bow and three-dimensional ears that stand out of it. Velvet looks out of an eggshell-coloured cushion. The highlight of this cushion is the projected tail. The trendy horse shoulder-bag made of plush provides ample space for the matching purse or the mobile phone bag. In the stationery section, a plush pencil case printed with two horse heads, a matching pen, and an eraser are available. In addition, notepads in two styles, a memo box with 100 sheets, and chequered DIN A4 and DIN A5 notebooks can be obtained. Of course, a friends-book and a diary are a must. The collection is completed by a lunch box and a porcelain cup in NICI Soulmates style.