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Jolly Candy – NICI’s sweetest Jolly Mäh sheep is here

Jolly Candy is the star of the 2015 Jolly Mäh spring collection and a truly sweet and funny sheep.

26.01.15 10:53
Category: Press Statements

Cute, sweet, and irresistible – these are the attributes that describe the 24th Jolly Mäh collection best. Jolly Candy is fond of sweets and brings fun – as well as lots of sweets – to the Jolly Mäh family.

             Jolly Candy not only has a special love for everything that is colourful and tastes sweet – she also has an unmistakable instinct for where she can find sweets. Since Candy's pockets are always full of them, it goes without saying that she loves to share them with the other sheep. Whenever you ever hear the rustling of sweet-wrappers, Jolly Candy is bound to be near. This sheep is a real sweetie!

            From January 2015, the sweet Jolly Candy delights the iconic sheep community and its friends with a diverse product programme and is available in toy shops, on the internet, in department stores, and in over 30 NICI shops. Of course, she is also available at the German NICI Online-Shop.

Perfect gifts for little and big foodies

The cuddly Jolly Candy with rustling foil in her pocket and a witty lolly-hair-band is available as cuddly plush toy in six different sizes (15cm to 120cm), as Bean Bag with key ring, and as MagNICI with a magnet in her belly. The laying sheep (20cm and 30cm) adorns every sofa and bed. The Jolly Candy seat cushions measuring 70 x 46 x 35cm is an eye-catcher in the nursery and creates a special place to rest. The two different versions of fluffy rectangular-shaped pillows with special applications and the large plush blanket are not only beautiful home accessories, but also contribute to make the nursery a comfortable place.

            The entire collection is kept in soft pastel colours. The design and the selected materials make not only little girls’ hearts beat faster. Jolly Candy’s friend, a dotted snail, is also part of the new Jolly programme and is joining the party, too.

            The product-line featuring Jolly Candy delights all fans of NICI’s famous sheep. In addition to the cuddly plush toys and practical home-accessories, the collection offers writing utensils and lovely souvenirs: a large plush/nylon shoulder bag, two handy plush or nylon purses, a Jolly Candy cell phone pouch, spacious plush/nylon case, and a plush bag shaped like a cupcake are available – everything a Jolly-fan could long for. There are multiple products available in the stationery sector, multi-coloured pens, an eraser as well as chequered DIN A4 and DIN A5 notebooks. The lunch box with divided compartments, a candy box of metal, and the two high-quality porcelain cups all feature the unmistakable Jolly Candy-design and are essential utensils for every Jolly Mäh fan.