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NICI Wild Friends – meet true animal-friends

Three new protagonists conquer the Wild Friends jungle and present a great Wild Friends spring-collection 2015.

14.01.15 16:35
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, 14th January 2015. NICI complements the Wild Friends programme with three new characters and offers exclusive gift ideas for each age and gender.

            The buddies sloth Howard, panther Carter, and the beetle Anthony spend a relaxing weekend in the jungle where they can hang out together. The three friends complement each other perfectly. Sloth Howard is a true cuddle champion, Carter keeps an eye on everyone like a big brother, and Anthony keeps the group in a good mood with his dazzling colourful appearance….What would the world be like without good friends?

            The product range includes almost 40 enchanting products and everyone can find their favourite products. The unique appearance of the three Wild Friends is truly inspiring. All products are of excellent quality and are produced by selected and certified production facilities.

            From January 2015, panther, sloth, and beetle are available in well-assorted gift and toy shops, department stores, on the internet, and in the more than 30 NICI shops. From then on, they will quickly conquer the jungle and their fan base.

            The noble dark-spotted panther is available in numerous sizes and designs. It is available in 15, 25, 35, 50, 80cm and in giant 120cm. The panther is available in seated position (20cm) and in lying position (20, 30, and 50cm), too. It is also possible to carry the panther as a keychain everywhere or decide to use the 12cm MagNICI.

            Howard, the sloth can be purchased as regular plush toy in sizes 15, 50, and 80cm as plush toy with Velcro fasteners on his palms in sizes 25 and 35cm.

            The 10cm large Bean Bag key ring and MagNICI beetle Anthony can be taken everywhere. Anthony is also available as plush toy in the sizes 15 and 25cm – a huge size for a beetle.

            It gets really cosy with the two rectangular plush pillows which displays sloth, panther and beetle and a soft plush blanket (175 x 140cm). The panther shoulder-bag is so large its owner can even put a folder in it. The cell phone pouches and purses in panther- or sloth-design find room in the big shoulder bag, too. And the witty sloth plush backpack for smaller children is a real eye-catcher. Pen and pencils can be splendidly stored in the plush pencil case roll. The Wild Friends amenities can be completed with the ballpoint pen in panther, sloth, and beetle design. The eraser, the pencil with eraser-sloth, the double sharpener, and the spiral book in Wild Friends design should not be missed. In the morning, the panther and beetle porcelain cup and the smaller sloth mug can positively influence the mood every day. The product range also offers a lunch box which shows the three fiends hanging out in the jungle.