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Learning Is Easy with the Learning Owl by NICI

With Oscar the smart owl learning is going to be a breeze. He teaches his little friends terms from the daily life such as animals, letters, clothes, and many more.

17.09.14 15:31
Category: Press Statements

Altenkunstadt, 17th September, 2014. Oscar the smart owl playfully encourages toddlers when learning. NICI has endowed Oscar the owl with numerous interactive learning activities creating an innovative learning toy for toddlers that is also the perfect cuddly toy. 

Hello, I am Oscar the smart owl. There are so many thing that I can teach you easily. Learning to read or singing songs is so much easier when two friends are learning together!

This is why I am now available from NICI! Oscar the smart plush owl for children from four to seven years of age. And here is what I bring along: 200 learning cards covering twelve topics and on top of that five song cards with well-known children’s songs including karaoke versions and my unique “Oscar the Owl” song. Simply put a card in the slot of the tree trunk and I will read the content of the card to you. This is how you learn the alphabet, colours, shapes, and much more. I always read out the side of the card that is facing you. By turning the card you can switch the language between German and English. When you want to sing a song with me, simply insert the card and I am going to sing the song first before prompting you to sing along the karaoke version.

Learning will be so much fun with me, Oscar the smart owl!

Learning is going to be a breeze

The NICI designers, who are parents themselves, have developed the learning owl together with trained educators. Apart from the educational aspect, the focus was on excellent product quality and highest safety standards.

The learning owl Oscar looks like an adorable friend for hugging and cuddling but has a lot more to offer and will conquer the hearts of children and their parents. With the help of the 35 cm tall cuddly soft learning owl and a card reader in a matching log design children can hear and also see words from different categories in German and English. Both sides of the sturdy cards present a text and an image. One side in German, the other in English. A total of 200 learning cards communicate terms from daily life, such as from the fields of animals, vehicles, food, clothes, parts of the body, letters, shapes, and colours. Five song cards can also be played with the card reader in both languages and invite to sing along.

In their first years of life, toddlers learn especially well when their senses are appealed to. In creating its learning owl, NICI has therefore taken care that this toy encourages children to use their senses. Oscar playfully encourages the development of a solid basis for kindergarten and school. Thus, little ones can   ideally and playfully be encouraged in their learning process and hidden talents discovered.