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The first Jolly Mäh sheep baby, Jolly Netty, is here

NICI's first Jolly Mäh cuddly toy baby, Jolly Netty, is looking for a sheep mother taking good care of her. The sheep girl brings along her babysitter Jolly Tessa and a little yellow duck called Floops.

16.01.17 13:56
Category: Press Statements

This Jolly Mäh collection is defined by cute plush toys and various accessories. All of them feature the two sheep Jolly Netty and Jolly Tessa and their little friend, the yellow duck Floops.

Hello, my name is Jolly Netty and I am a little sheep. I love my dummy, but I even more love my babysitter Jolly Tessa. She is so beautiful and the funniest sheep-girl on the whole pasture. Jolly Tessa loves fashion and always knows the latest trends. I love it when we go for a walk and she look so pretty! Sometimes the fluffy duck Floops joins us. I’m sure: Floops doesn’t want to go for a walk – she only wants my dummy!

Great gift ideas - not only for sheep-fans

Jolly Netty, her nanny Jolly Tessa, and duck Floops bring along cute products and accessories which will especially please the female Jolly Mäh fan-community. From January 2017, the 30 new products are available. These and more items are available:

  • cuddly toys made of top-quality NICI plush
  • cushions with funny illustrations
  • everything you need to be well equipped at school: a sling bag and accessories such as purses, pencil cases, smartphone sleeves, and pens in a cool black-and-white dot-pattern
  • a diary with lock and keys to keep your  thoughts secret

All available products can be found on the NICI web-shop.