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In the mood for Asia with Jolly Mäh sheep Jolly Lynn

Jolly Lynn is the new sheep on the Jolly Mah pasture. soft cuddly toys and funny gift items in NICI style make us long for the blooming season.

11.01.16 13:50
Category: Press Statements

“I love Japan,“ says Jolly Lynn, NICI’s cute Jolly Mäh sheep. Because of her special black and white fur she is certain that she is of Japanese descent. In her dreams she strolls through sunny cherry wood avenues and admires the beauty around her. This is why she wears a cherry blossom behind her ear. Since her childhood, Jolly Lynn has had an Asian pen friend to whom she writes every day and from whom she learns the Japanese way of life. Lynn’s small lively friend the butterfly is always by her side. With his easiness and his cheerful nature he transforms every day into a unique experience.

          From mid-January 2016 Jolly Lynn and the new Jolly Mäh gift ideas are available in well-sorted gift and toy shops, in department stores, online, and in more than 30 NICI Shops.

            Jolly Lynn wears a dress dotted by cherry blossoms, which matches the flower behind her ear and provides a nice contrast to the dark sheepskin. Sheep Lynn is available as 20, 25, 30, 35, 50, 80, and 120cm plush toy. Her friend the butterfly is in stores in sizes 15, 25 and, 35cm. On top of that, Jolly Lynn and the little butterfly accompany fans as 10cm Bean Bag key tags and stick to every metallic surface as 12cm MagNICIs.


Trendy accessories as beautiful gifts


In the new Jolly Mäh collection great emphasis is placed on the cuddliness of the products. With three different cuddly pillows and a soft blanket you can make yourself comfortable at home. The collection also includes a square 43 x 25cm sized pillow with Jolly Lynn motive. The figurative pink pillow in the shape of a flower creates a good mood and is a decorative eye-catcher on you bed or sofa. The soft neck pillow with cherry blossom pattern is very handy on trips and the grey 175 x 140cm plush blanket with Jolly Lynn motive is not only warm, but also perfect for cuddling.

          The black plush shoulder bag is spacious, useful, and a must for every Jolly Mäh fan. In this bag you can not only stow the stylish new plush wallet – or alternatively the silicon coin purse – but also the soft plush smartphone cover. In the stationary department you can choose between two different pencil cases. The rollable pencil case provides enough space for all the writing utensils you need in school. The flat 19.5 x 5cm pencil case is perfect for your handbag or for on the go. Do not miss out on the lined DIN A6 notebook with removable silicon cover and the DIN A5 diary. The stationary collection also includes a writing set – consisting of a pencil, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, and a small notebook – as well as a crayon set with ten colours, a notebook, a pencil with butterfly topper, a pencil sharpener shaped like a flower stem with a flower-shaped eraser at the top, a ruler, and an eraser pen.

           The perfect morning of a real Jolly Mäh fan begins with cereals out of the cereal bowl and the morning tea or coffee out of one of the two colourful porcelain cups in the new Jolly Lynn design. The third cup in the collection – the magic cup – is very special. It changes colours depending on the temperature of the beverage inside.