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Let the cold season begin with NICI's latest winter collection

NICI's winter collection 2016 is here! Bear Sir Beartur, owl Olinka, and penguin Ilja bring along lots of great gift ideas that are likely to make winter the best season of the year.

10.10.16 13:39
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Take bear Sir Beartur, penguin Ilja, and owl Olinka home in the shape of extra-soft cuddly toys or on multifarious gift items.


          Penguin Ilja lost his way and inadvertently landed at the North Pole. Now he is looking for the North Star to guide him home to his family. In a discussion forum about astronomy on Facebook he gets to know North Star expert Sir Beartur and the clever owl Olinka. The two are ready to help him and together the three start the search for the North Star to make the penguin’s wish come true.

Great wintery gift ideas


The wintry collection featuring Sir Beartur, Ilja, and Olinka delights with top NICI quality, attention to detail, and a unique design.

The soft and cuddly bear Sir Beartur is characterised by beige fur, orange gloves and an orange scarf. Ilja, the black and cream penguin, is decorated with a turquoise plush cap with earflaps which ensures a colourful contrast to his body. The grey and white owl Olinka enchants with her sparkling eyes and her white dotted feet.


Bear and penguin are available as Bean Bag keyrings, MagNICIs, and soft toys made of plush in various sizes.

When it’s getting cold outside there is nothing better than to warm up with one of the two figurative hot water bottles in penguin and owl design. To keep your feet warm during winter, there are also cute figurative plush slippers in the look of owl Olinka. On top of that cuddly plush pillows in three different designs and a soft penguin plush blanket keep you warm and cosy on cold winter evenings.

On the go the owl accompanies you on a plushy shoulder-bag in creamy-white and grey, on a matching lavender wallet, and a pencil case. The clumsy penguin Ilja is available on a plush smartphone cover, on a pencil case as well as on a wallet.

White snow flurries drift through two large snow globes. An ideal surprise for your homemade Advent calendar. Start your day with a smile and the two available mugs. There is a standard porcelain mug and a magic mug on which the motive appears as soon as you fill it with a hot beverage. And for your school break there is the lunchbox and the small thermos bottle.