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Sweet dreams with NICI's Schlafmützen cuddly toys

The Schlafmützen – NICI’s cute soft toys with striped night caps – make it easy for children to prepare for bedtime.

19.09.16 10:28
Category: Press Statements

The Schlafmützen cuddly toys by NICI make children start into the night with a positive feeling.


The Schlafmützen are cuddly plush toys and falling-asleep-aid in one. Together with their little human friend they draw their wishes and dreams for the night onto a piece of paper. The dream is then stored in the soft toy’s belly pocket.

Now it’s sleeping time! Quickly pull the nightcap over your cuddly friends’ eyes so it can fall asleep and wait for you in dreamland. Come on, join your plush friend to dream your favourite dream!

Who will be your soft toy friend? Bear Tommsy, rabbit Hoby, cat Kimsi or sheep Wulli? 

Find out more about this special collection on the NICI web-shop.