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Super sweet and totally crazy – The NICIdoos by NICI

Crazy colours, big glittering eyes, and super soft fur: The NICIdoos are different from everything NICI has been offering until now. 16 plush toys wait to be collected and to be cuddled

14.04.15 13:25
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The new colourful NICIdoos by NICI enthuse everyone with their crazily patterned fur and their big glittering eyes. Each of the 16 plush toys has a unique character and a secret hobby. Collect them all, because NICIdoos don’t like to be alone.

            This new plush toy collecetion is cool, trendy, totally crazy, and extremely lovable! Sixteen unique characters paired with the typical high quality NICI plush as well as new shiny materials are predestined to be loved, to be collects, and to be given away as gifts. The NICIdoos animals – among them unicorns, cats, dogs, and many others – are available in a normal and a totally crazy and colourful version. The one thing they have in common is the big splodge of sirup on their heads. How the sirup got there? Well, they all just love sirup. This is why the first 16 NICIdoos belong to the Sirup Edition.

Cute plush toys with special hobbies

The NICIdoos Sirup Edition is available in well-sorted gift and toy shops, in department stores, on the internet, and in more than 30 NICI shops. Learn more about them  in the German NICI web shop.

            You instantly fall in love with their giant sparkly eyes, irresistibly long eyelashes, and their eccentric design. The NICIdoos are available in two sizes, 16cm and 22cm, and every one of them has a special hobby. Unicorn Guzz, for example, love to be tickled under the left foot. Owl Diffle has to sneeze every time it smells caramel pudding. Each of the cute NICIdoos is special in its own way. The thing they all like best is spending their time together and making the world more colourful.