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Little secrets are kept safe with the NICI Secret Keepers

The cute NICI Secret Keepers cuddly toys are the perfect companions for those who sometimes need someone who helps them keep little treasures safe.

27.03.15 17:43
Category: Press Statements

The new NICI Secret Keepers are a collection of a special kind. The funny plush dolls hide little secrets and treasures in a bag in their bellies and keep them safe.

NICI’s Secret Keepers were inspired by the desire to keep secrets safe. Girls and boys can entrust their treasures them, because they promise to take good care of them. The cuddly 25cm plush toys have a very peculiar look and a zipper on their tummy. Opening the zipper reveals a soft pouch which is the perfect place for secrets and little treasures such as small letters and jewelry. After closing the zipper, the Secret Keepers wrap their long funnily curled arms around their bellies to keep secrets even safer. The arms can be fixed with Velcro patches.

The perfect Secret Keeper for everybody

Each of the six Secret Keepers has a distinctive personality – just like its owner! Children can thus choose their perfect personal Secret Keeper. Children can choose from six different Secret Keepers. There is Secret Mona, an adorable mouse who is always there for her owner and whose main character traits are secrecy and politeness. Secret Kim, the grey cat, is soft, gentle, and attentive. Secret Niels, a cute sheep, is cuddly, dreamy, and a bit shy. Those who like to have fun can pick the cute bunny Secret Finn – a cheerful, humorous, and easy-going fellow. The brown bear-lady Secret Martha is open, warm, and honest. Finally, there is Secret Tom, a dog with long floppy ears, whose personality combines curiosity, loyalty, and generosity.

The collection is available in well-assorted gift and toy shops, on the internet, in department stores as well as in over 30 NICI Shops and the NICI web-shop, waiting for their new friends.