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The Crazy Mics are here!

For all fans of interactive plush friends NICI has come up with something special. The Crazy Mics enchant everyone with their numerous speaking skills and cheeky design.

14.09.16 14:58
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In the sixth year in succession, NICI continues its highly successful NICI Electronics line with the Crazy Mics, two plush monsters with entertaining functions.

          The Crazy Mics live on Mic Island but are real globetrotters and find their way around in each region of the earth due to their exceptional gift for languages. Regardless of which language is spoken, the Crazy Mics learn quickly and can immediately repeat everything you say to them. They even remember longer messages and render them any time – if necessary. Furthermore, they are extremely ticklish if you touch their tummy. They then laugh wholeheartedly and their laugh is contagious for everyone close by. Depending on their new human owners, Crazy Mics can become a comforter, play mate, chatterbox or jester. In any case, playing with the Crazy Mics is always great fun! 

          The Crazy Mics are 35 cm tall plush monsters and available in two colours. Crazy Hey has grey-blue cuddly fur and Crazy Yo is made of pink plush. The two cuddly toys have big ears and a white tuft of hair on their heads. They are characterised by the typical NICI high-pile plush made in the tried and tested high NICI quality.  

          Children three years and up will have monstrous fun with the Crazy Mics. If you press the left hand, the monsters will greet their new friend with a merry “Hey, hey“. After that, the nose begins to glow red and they immediately begin to parrot everything they hear. When a message is to be recorded, the right hand is simply pressed until a beep sounds. Now the child can record a song, a poem or simply a message with a length of up to two minutes. To save the recording, the right hand is pressed once again.

          When it is time for the monsters to stop playing and go to bed, their owners simply have to hold their eyes closed for five seconds or press their left hand for about three seconds and the Crazy Mics become really tired, begin to snore and switch into standby. They wake up again as soon as their left hand is pressed.


Remarkable marketing mix with TV campaign for introduction


The interactive Crazy Mics for playing and cuddling are available from October 2016 in well-sorted gift and toy shops, in department stores, on the internet, and in the NICI Shops. The two plush monsters get their own page in the high-circulation NICI catalogue and present themselves in special topic windows in the NICI Shops. Shortly before Christmas they star in their own TV spot which can be seen on children and family channels.