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Let the cold season begin – with NICI’s Winter-collection

With two snow cats, a mouse, and many cuddly gift items NICI is ready for the cold season.

02.10.17 11:09
Category: Press Statements

Snowcat and tomcat frolic in the first snow of the season. What a joy! The little mouse wants to join, but, as is known, cats love mice to bits. No problem for the clever mouse. It slips into its cat-jumpsuit and off it goes to the two snow cats. And indeed: The two enjoy the company of the little play fellow with the squeaky voice. A snowball fight is much more fun with three players!


          The NICI Winter-collection consists of roundabout 50 products and features two snow cats – cat and tomcat – and a mouse. Apart from cuddly toys made of plush, the collection contains cushions and numerous gift items.

Manifold products in NICI Winter-design

The cuddly toy cats available in ten sizes – from small 15 to huge 135 cm – are made of high-pile NICI plush in soft natural tones. A special detail: Cat and tomcat have a hood which can be put on and off. The two are available as keyring pendants and MagNICIs – cuddly toys with magnets in their paws. The mouse is available in 20 and 30 cm of size. It brings along a cat-jumpsuit that can be donned and taken off again.

          On cold winter days everybody longs for something to keep them warm and cosy. The tomcat is available as a soft, figural hot-water bottle. Alternatively, you can cuddle up to the hot-water bottle in star shape with a snow cat application on the front. The plush blanket, the rectangular plush pillows, and the 2-in-1 cuddly pillows are also very comfortable. The latter can be turned into cat or tomcat with a Velcro fastener. Additionally, cold feet can slip into the plush slippers in sizes 34-37 and 38-41.

          On the road and at school the snow cats smile at their owner from, for example, a purse, a pencil case, and a thermos with a cup. New at NICI: A gift wrap paper book with ten sheets of wrapping paper and 50 stickers, and a tea light holder belong to the Winter collection, too.

          These and other gift ideas turn the cold season into a wonderfully cosy winter tale. All products are manufactured in proven NICI quality and convince with the unmistakable design of the brand company from Altenkunstadt.