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Dashing into new adventures – the NICIdoos Sweet Sprinters

Funny, brightly coloured, and rapidly fast – the NICIdoos Sweet Sprinters by NICI are equipped with friction motors and turn children's rooms into racecourses. An absolute must-have for all NICIdoos fans.

27.10.17 10:37
Category: Press Statements

The ten different NICIdoos Sweet Sprinters are designed in the typical NICIdoos style. The 9 cm long wind-up animals go on sale in October. The friction motor is easy to operate and enables them to dash across the floor.


These NICIdoos are available as Sweet Sprinters:

  • rabbit Tofflemoffle
  • penguin Pripp
  • unicorn Blibbs
  • bat Pipp
  • giraffe Loomimi
  • fox Droppy
  • koala Boffle
  • mouse Weedee
  • dog Bluffy
  • tiger Awood