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Adventures in China with the Wild Friends by NICI

The Wild Friends by NICI arrived in the bamboo forests of China where panda Yaa Boo meets the travelling rattle snake Sascha.

07.08.17 10:00
Category: Press Statements

During a family trip in China’s densely vegetated bamboo forest, rattle snake Sascha has lost his parents. Now, he wiggles around the forest to trace his parents, constantly rattling his tail so they won’t accidentally miss each other. The disadvantage: When other animals hear Sascha’s rattling, they get frightened and run away.

The rattling makes snake Sascha really tired and he falls asleep. Being asleep, he stops rattling. That is why panda Yaa Boo does not detect him while settling down for breakfast at a nearby spot.

When he wakes up, Sascha hears some noise next to him. He is happy to have found his parents again and rattles cheerfully with his tail. That is when Yaa Boo notices him, but he is not afraid of the small rattle snake and does not get worked up by him. Sascha tells the panda what he experienced and soon the two dissimilar animals become friends. After breakfast, Ya Boo accompanies Sascha to trace his parents.

The extensive Wild Friends Collection about panda Yaa Boo and rattle snake Sascha is available from August .

           Panda Yaa Boo and rattle snake Sascha are available as 10 cm Bean Bag keyrings. Stretching snake Sascha, his length doubles in size to an impressive 20 cm; additionally, panda Yaa Boo comes as MagNICI and clings to all metal surfaces.

            Good news for all plush fans: The two friends are available in different shapes and sizes. Panda Yaa Boo comes as plush toy with extra soft and long fur made of plush in black and white. Obtainable sizes range from cute 15 to gigantic 105 cm.

            The clue of the dark grey and green coloured rattle snake Sascha is his special plush that reminds of a shiny snake’s skin. The coiled plush-snake has a diameter of 15 cm (stretched 40 cm in length), 25 cm (stretched 85 cm in length), and 35 cm (stretched 100 cm in length). The two long versions hide a rattle in the tail’s end.

Gift Wild Friends ideas for every occasion

The new Wild Friends product line hosts numerous useful accessories and gift ideas. There are two different cushions made of plush: The rectangular-shaped cushion shows panda Yaa Boo relaxing on a bamboo stem; the second cushion is in the shape of snake Sascha; its detachable, 3-dimensional head highlights the 33 x 33 cm cushion. The new Wild Friends cushions are far more than only a headrest pad for sleeping: They are super soft and a great element for decoration. Apposite to the cushions an extraordinary snake was developed by the design team. Sascha hides a fleece blanket in his body which is equipped with a zipper on the elastic belly. Thus, the blanket can easily be tucked into and taken out of the snake’s body. Funnily, the blanket appears through the snake’s jaws as a tongue.

            The carrying bag in panda-look is designed in a very fashionable way with many extras such as a nozzle for earplugs and a bamboo leaf with zipper for small items. Apposite to the bag made of synthetic leather and plush the product line offers a wallet as well as a pouch with plenty of space for writing utensils. The panda accompanies you even at school, for example in the shape of a panda head on a pencil as sharpener, a set of pencils in chopstick-design, a rubber pen, and a notebook in the shape of a panda with a pencil.