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Waiting for summer with the new Jolly Mäh collection

The new Jolly Mäh collection by NICI presents the two sheep-girls Jolly Juicy and Jolly Summer. They bring along various accessories in trendy Manga-style.

23.06.17 12:01
Category: Press Statements

Jolly Juicy and Jolly Summer are best friends who enjoy spending as much time together as possible. Their most important day of the week is Friday: This is when they have their BFF-day. Every Friday they meet to do each other’s hair, to exchange the latest gossip about the Jolly-pasture, to talk about sheep-boys, and to try brand-new chewing gum creations.

Of course, as true sheep-BFFs Jolly Juicy and Jolly Summer share the same style of fashion: both love the colourful Manga-look with glittering hair ties and long, waving ribbons. Jolly Juicy teams her dark grey dress with fancy black-and-white striped socks and pink hair accessories. Jolly Summer wears her white dress with turquoise accessories. She always carries a chewing gum in one of her pockets.


Fancy Jolly Mäh gift ideas for girls

The two Jolly Mäh sheep-girls as plush toys with sparkling hair accessories are available in various sizes. The coloured hair ties are removable and look great on the sheep’s owners, too.

Jolly Summer is a white sheep who spices up her outfit with turquoise complements. The cuddly plush toy is available in sizes ranging from cute 20 cm to staggering 105 cm in height. The 25 cm version of Jolly Summer comes as extra cheeky soft toy sticking out her tongue; whereas the 35 cm sheep is accompanied by her little friend, the kitten.

            Jolly Juicy wears a dark grey dress combined with flashy contrasts in pink and white-and-black. She, too, is available in different sizes. The 25 cm version sticks out her pink tongue; the 35 cm sheep holds her little animal friend, the panda. 

NICI also created various bags and on-the-go accessories in this collection’s style: a shoulder bag, a cosmetic pouch, a wallet, a pouch for pencils, and – brand new at NICI – a smartphone sleeve with an assisting tool for the charging process of the phone. All products are decorated with a metal Jolly Mäh pendant.

All products on Jolly Juicy and Jolly Summer are available at the NICI Shops and the NICI online-shop.