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NICI unicorn Theodor presents his magical world

Theodor, the cute little NICI unicorn, presents his best friend, winged unicorn Rainbow Flair, and a lot of great gift ideas with unicorn-power.

06.02.17 14:07
Category: Press Statements

NICI unicorn Theodor enchants cuddling friends and unicorn lovers alike. His new collection is full of unicorn-magic and features Theodor's friend Rainbow Flair as well as lots of great products.

The world of NICI unicorn Theodor is full of magic. When Theodor and his neighbour, the winged unicorn Rainbow Flair, go for a walk, they sometimes see muffins and ice cream cones fluttering by. Theodor, who has a sweet tooth, opens his mouth wide to catch some of the sweets, ignoring his round belly. Unicorn Rainbow Flair can't get enough of the fluttering sweets, too. With her golden wings she flies through the air elegantly, snatching the sweets Theodor didn't reach. Cute cuddly toys and gifts such as cups, pillows, and keyring pendants characterise the Theodor and Friends collection and put everybody in a good mood.

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