Theodor & Friends Sweet Dreams NICI-Shop

Child labour
No employment of children.

Forced labour
No forced labour.

Punitive measures
Ban of physical punishment, physical or emotional compulsion and verbal abuse of employees.

No discrimination with regard to age, sex, ethnic background or religion.

Health and safety
Guaranteeing a clean, safe and healthy work environment. Unrestricted access to clean drinking water, sanitary installations and an appropriate number of toilets, fire extinguishers and emergency exits. Adequately lighted and vented work environment.

Environmental protection
Adherence to all environmental laws.

Adequate payment, compliance with minimum wages, overtime compensation.

Working hours
Adherence to the working hours.

Legal regulations
Adherence to all legal regulations with regard to our business activities.

NICI Codex


Apart from our high quality standards regarding materials and the production process, we are also considerate of the protection of all of the people working for us. In this respect, we have determined ecological and social codes of behaviour that ensure safety at work and the protection from health risks. This is also why NICI enforces the adherence to and the certification of the ICTI Codex with its manufacturers, because the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) promotes ethically proper and safe methods in toy production. Its members bind themselves to fair, lawful conditions of production that are laid down in the code of conduct of the organisation.