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17.09.2014 NICI Creatures – A Visit to the Land of the Monsters

Legendary creatures such as dragons and sea monsters have always fascinated mankind. The creative workshop of the NICI GmbH in Altenkunstadt in Upper Franconia, Germany, has taken up this classic boys’ play theme and executed it...

27.08.2014 Here Comes Minilina, the Vet of NICI Wonderland

Children love role-play and NICI Wonderland. NICI has therefore combined the enchanting cuddly doll Minilina with the popular play pattern of “Caring for sick animals“ and comprised this in a unique doll play set. An ideal...

27.08.2014 My First NICI – Encouraging Babies Playfully

With products from the My First NICI collection parents can ideally encourage the learning process of their baby during the first years of life with a lot of fun.

27.08.2014 News from the NICI Pony Stable - NICI Horse Club Junior 2

Following the great success of the first NICI Horse Club Junior collection featuring the pony Kapoony, NICI has created another pony character that will make girls' hearts leap for joy.

31.07.2014 Wild Friends 25: Welcome to the jungle

The latest Wild Friends collection brings jungle feeling to your home.

23.06.2014 Guardian Angels by NICI

NICI brings heavenly companions into every house with the new Guardian Angels collection.

16.06.2014 More Fun with NICI’s New SMILEY-Collection

The round face with a wide smile – everybody knows it! NICI’s new Smiley collection conjures a smile onto everyone's lips.

22.05.2014 Who grazes on the pasture and moos: NICI's Cow!

It is, of course, the cow! Cows are good-natured, cows give milk, cows are popular, and have a large fan community. The new NICI Selection focusses on a black-and-white mottled cow presents a lovingly designed product line coming...

23.04.2014 Luck to Go!

Trouble? Love sick? A small proof of friendship for in between needed? These fun and colourful companions from the NICI GmbH always find the right words and conjure a smile on everybody's face!

02.04.2014 The Fabulous World of Ballet

A lot of little girls dream of becoming a ballet dancer. Apart from the elegance, the colour pink, and the dainty tutus, the dancing and the music are what fascinate little ballerinas most.

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