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23.03.2015 On the farm with the NICI Wonderland dolls

Minisohpie and Minilucas, the two new NICI Wonderland plush dolls, invite girls of preschool age to the farm and bring extra clothes and little farm animals for extra fun.

22.03.2015 Cute AYUMI accessories from NICI

Cool handbags, handy notepads, and many other accessories are a must-have for any AYUMI-fan.

16.02.2015 Let the dream of your own horse come true with the NICI Soulmates

Small riders and horse enthusiasts will find everything their heart desires in the NICI Soulmates collection. With their expressive eyes and beautiful accessories plush-horses Velvet and Diamond let girls’ hearts beat faster.

13.02.2015 Experience magical moments with Feeoly’s World

Let NICI’s Feeoly the little fairy and Theodor the unicorn enchant you with wonderfully soft plush toys and magical accessories. Feeoly’s World by has everything little girls could wish for.

26.01.2015 Jolly Candy – NICI’s sweetest Jolly Mäh sheep is here

Jolly Candy is the star of the 2015 Jolly Mäh spring collection and a truly sweet and funny sheep.

14.01.2015 NICI Wild Friends – meet true animal-friends

Three new protagonists conquer the Wild Friends jungle and present a great Wild Friends spring-collection 2015.

01.12.2014 NICI Love – lovely gift ideas straight from the heart

NICI’s latest LOVE-collection once again offers wonderful ideas for presents this year. Traditionally, the NICI designers have combined the symbols of love in enchanting products for their new LOVE-line.

24.10.2014 NICI Monsters 3 - Monster Success

This autumn, the curtain rises for two new monsters from the successful Monsters-collection.

01.10.2014 Meet reindeer Hank and snow owl Selma - NICI’s Winter collection 2014 is here!

NICI begins the Christmas and winter season with the “Happy Winter“ collection and enchants with a merry reindeer and a cuddly snow owl.

17.09.2014 Learning Is Easy with the Learning Owl by NICI

With Oscar the smart owl learning is going to be a breeze. He teaches his little friends terms from the daily life such as animals, letters, clothes, and many more.

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