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27.11.2017 Unicorn Theodor as diligent helper through the day

NICI's unicorn Theodor proves with a small accessories collection that unicorns are incredibly useful in everyday life.

27.10.2017 Dashing into new adventures – the NICIdoos Sweet Sprinters

Funny, brightly coloured, and rapidly fast – the NICIdoos Sweet Sprinters by NICI are equipped with friction motors and turn children's rooms into racecourses. An absolute must-have for all NICIdoos fans.

16.10.2017 The NICI unicorns as electronic all-rounders

The adorable unicorns Theodor and Rainbow Flair by NICI finally come with electronic features that turn the two cuddly toys into interactive play fellows.

02.10.2017 Let the cold season begin – with NICI’s Winter-collection

With two snow cats, a mouse, and many cuddly gift items NICI is ready for the cold season.

18.09.2017 Penguin Koosy is the new NICI Schlafmütze

Koosy, the soft and cuddly plush toy penguin, joins the Schlafmützen in their task to send children to sleep with a positive feeling.

07.08.2017 Adventures in China with the Wild Friends by NICI

The Wild Friends by NICI arrived in the bamboo forests of China where panda Yaa Boo meets the travelling rattle snake Sascha.

23.06.2017 Waiting for summer with the new Jolly Mäh collection

The new Jolly Mäh collection by NICI presents the two sheep-girls Jolly Juicy and Jolly Summer. They bring along various accessories in trendy Manga-style.

18.05.2017 Koala Kappy helps kids go to sleep happily

The cuddly koala Kappy is the new stuffed toy in NICI's Schlafmützen-collection and makes sure children go to bed with a good feeling.

06.04.2017 We welcome spring with the NICIdoos Spring Edition

Outside, nature is slowly waking up - high time for the cuddly toys of the NICIdoos Spring Edition go move into the stores.

06.02.2017 NICI unicorn Theodor presents his magical world

Theodor, the cute little NICI unicorn, presents his best friend, winged unicorn Rainbow Flair, and a lot of great gift ideas with unicorn-power.

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